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Trains :: European trains :: Linz → Innsbruck

How to get from Linz to Innsbruck by train

There are 15 direct trains between Linz and Innsbruck. One of them goes overnight.

From station:Linz Hbf (Linz Central Station)
To station:Innsbruck Hbf (Innsbruck Central Station)

Direct trains: Linz - Innsbruck

from €79 *
Paper ticket
from €69**
EN 246 nightjet 2.00:5805:19Buy now
EN 40462 2.01:0504:23Buy now
RJ 362 1.2.06:4809:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 660 1.2.07:4810:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 160 OS 3501 VIE-LZS 1.2.08:4811:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 662 1.2.09:3212:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 162 1.2.10:4813:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 860 OS 3507 VIE-LZS 1.2.11:4814:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 564 OS 3509 VIE-LZS 1.2.12:4815:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 862 OS 3511 VIE-LZS 1.2.13:4816:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 566 OS 3513 VIE-LZS 1.2.14:4817:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 864 OS 3515 VIE-LZS 1.2.15:4818:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 168 OS 3517 VIE-LZS 1.2.16:4819:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 866 1.2.17:4820:48Buy nowBuy now
RJ 760 1.2.18:4821:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 868 OS 3523 VIE-LZS 1.2.19:4822:48Buy nowBuy now
RJ 762 OS 3525 VIE-LZS 1.2.20:4823:48Buy nowBuy now
EN 466 nightjet 1.2.23:0004:23Buy now
Schedule valid from 2016-12-11 to 2017-12-09

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