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Trains :: European trains :: Linz → Vienna

How to get from Linz to Vienna by train

You will arrive either to Vienna Meidling or Westbahnhof or to Vienna Hbf.

From station:Linz Hbf (Linz Central Station)
To station:Wien Flughafen (Vienna Airport railway station)
Wien Hbf (Vienna central railway station)
Wien Westbahnhof (Vienna Westbahnhof railway station)

Direct trains: Linz - Vienna

from €46 *
Paper ticket
from €46**
EN 247 nightjet 2.04:4506:54Buy now
EN 463 Kalman Imre 2.05:1006:35Buy now
EN 236 nightjet 2.06:0507:55Buy now
RJ 541 1.2.06:3008:05Buy nowBuy now
EN 40421 nightjet 2.06:3508:19Buy now
RJ 761 OS 3500 LZS-VIE 1.2.07:1408:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 543 1.2.07:3009:05Buy nowBuy now
Ex 941 1.2.08:0409:16Buy now
RJ 49 OS 3502 LZS-VIE 1.2.08:1409:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 949 OS 3502 LZS-VIE 1.2.08:1409:57Buy nowBuy now
RJ 545 1.2.08:3010:05Buy nowBuy now
RJ 763 OS 3504 LZS-VIE 1.2.09:1410:57Buy nowBuy now
RJ 265 railjet09:1410:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 547 1.2.09:3011:05Buy nowBuy now
RJ 61 railjet10:1411:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 861 OS 3506 LZS-VIE 1.2.10:1411:57Buy nowBuy now
RJ 549 1.2.10:3012:05Buy nowBuy now
RJ 965 OS 3508 LZS-VIE 1.2.11:1412:57Buy nowBuy now
RJ 765 1.2.11:1412:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 691 1.2.11:3013:05Buy nowBuy now
ICE 2111:4713:09Buy nowBuy now
RJ 63 railjet12:1413:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 863 OS 3510 LZS-VIE 1.2.12:1413:57Buy nowBuy now
RJ 643 1.2.12:3014:05Buy nowBuy now
RJ 161 1.2.13:1414:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 645 1.2.13:3015:05Buy nowBuy now
ICE 2313:4715:09Buy nowBuy now
RJ 65 railjet14:1415:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 865 1.2.14:3016:05Buy nowBuy now
RJ 649 1.2.15:3017:05Buy nowBuy now
RJ 867 OS 3516 LZS-VIE 1.2.16:1417:57Buy nowBuy now
RJ 67 railjet16:1417:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 741 1.2.16:3018:05Buy nowBuy now
RJ 165 Transalpin 1.2.17:1418:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 793 1.2.17:3019:05Buy nowBuy now
ICE 2717:4719:09Buy nowBuy now
RJ 869 OS 3520 LZS-VIE 1.2.18:1419:57Buy nowBuy now
RJ 69 railjet18:1419:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 745 1.2.18:3020:05Buy nowBuy now
RJ 167 Transalpin 1.2.19:1420:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 797 1.2.19:3021:05Buy nowBuy now
ICE 2919:4721:09Buy nowBuy now
RJ 661 OS 3524 LZS-VIE 1.2.20:1421:57Buy nowBuy now
RJ 261 railjet20:1421:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 749 1.2.20:3022:05Buy nowBuy now
RJ 169 Transalpin 1.2.21:1422:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 841 1.2.21:3023:05Buy nowBuy now
ICE 22921:4723:09Buy nowBuy now
RJ 663 1.2.22:1423:30Buy nowBuy now
RJ 361 Transalpin 1.2.23:1400:30Buy nowBuy now
Schedule valid from 2016-12-11 to 2017-12-09

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