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  • Date / time: 2010-01-11 17:37:38Name: Christy

    Good afternoon. I will be visiting Prague on 9–10 Apr 2010. My time is short and I need to make the best of it. Please inform me of the price for the following activities: Informative City Tour of Prague, Grand Prague City Bus and Walking Tour, Vltava River Dinner cruise, Folklore Party, and Prague by night. Please let me know what you recommend the most and whether you could combine some of these activities to save me sometime and money. Thank you. Christy


    • Date / time: 2010-02-07 22:25:31Name: Ivana Novotna

      Good afternoon Christy, please inform us if you are interested in group or individual acitivity. If you want to book a guide for yourself and be independent of group, one hour costs 20 EUR (you can stop anywhere you want) this price includes taxes and is also valid for 1–60 people. If you want to join a group, we will send you dates, where these events will take place. Generally all short city tours are up to 25 EUR (only two hours), grand tours are up to 40 EUR (4–5 hours).


      • Date / time: 2010-02-08 21:08:24Name: Christy

        Hi Ivana,

        I have to make some decisions pretty quickly. Please tell me about the Vltava River Dinner Cruise. I will take at least that. What kind of boat, food? Is this a group tour? What about hotel pick up? Thank you.