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  • Date / time: 2010-03-04 14:05:19Name: HK1979

    My plan is travel from Prague to Olomouc on 31 of March and I will one or two days, then to Krakow,Poland the day after.

    How can I get there and how much it will cost?

    Thank you in advance..


    • Date / time: 2010-03-10 12:04:41Name: Pavel

      From Prague to Olomouc there is very frequent train connection – during the day almost every hour. The ticket in 2nd class costs 300 CZK.

      From Olomouc to Krakow there is only 1 direct train, and it's overnight train R 401 Silesia. You can also take the EC 111 Praha to Katowice and from there take a train to Krakow. There is a train every hour.