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  • Date / time: 2013-07-15 14:33:45Name: Jana Dargel

    Hello, \r\n\r\nI am a 23 year old German Girl and I study in the Netherlands. \r\n\r\nI would like to book the bus from Prague to Bremen on the 9th August 2013. I was wondering about the Discounts. What does the Euro < 26 Discount and the youth Discount mean? And how can I apply for that?\r\n\r\nBest regards, \r\n\r\nJana Dargel


    • Date / time: 2013-07-17 20:03:33Name: Pavla

      Dear customer, Euro 26 or EYCA is a discount for holders of these youth cards. It is similar to ISIC. If you do not have these cards, buy youth ticket. Kind regards Pavla