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  • Date / time: 2013-09-16 14:16:10Name: Antoine MATHEY

    Hello,\r\n\r\nI forgot my laptop in this bus from pragues to Dresden on saturday 7th of September 2013, departure from Pragues 17h30 arrival: 19h30.\r\nI forgot my laptop seat 2 which means just behind the driver, and beside the stewardess.\r\n\r\nI realised that just 2 minutes after leaving the bus and there was almost nobody in the bus which means that it is impossible that someone stole me it.\r\n\r\nIn my laptop is all my works and final works done for my last student year and also all my memories of my trips around the world plus many important documents.\r\n\r\nCou­ld you please do something for me. It is really important.\r\n\r\nBest regards,\r\n\r\nAn­toine Mathey\r\n4 rue de la Maladière,\r\n70000 Cerre-les-Noroy


    • Date / time: 2013-09-16 17:37:39Name: Pavla

      Dear Antoine, we are very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with this. You need to contact directly the bus company. They will need to know number of your ticket (5172072466), description of the lost/stolen property. Their email: info@studentagen­cy.cz, tel.:+420 841 1­01 101. Kind regards Pavlina