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  • Date / time: 2013-10-20 11:18:53Name: Isabel

    I am traveling from Prague to Budapest on the 27th December. I am trying to book my tickets online but that week is not available yet. Does the train run normally during the Christmas week? Thanks.


    • Date / time: 2013-10-20 14:45:11Name: Pavla

      Dear Ms. Isabel, thank you for contacting us. Yes, the trains will be operating normally during the Christmas week. However, there is the annual change of European train schedules in the middle of December. The new schedules and prices are to be released at the end of November. Please, contact us again then. Pavla


      • Date / time: 2014-05-24 21:32:07Name: Leigh

        Like Isabelin 2013, I am planning a family trip at the end of 2014. We want to take a train from Vienna to Prague on 24 December, around mid morning – arriving mid afternoon. Also, another trip from Prague to Budapest on the overnight train on 28 December. It is very frustrating not to be able to access all the information including costs at this time. How can I get an idea of costs and ensure that I get tickets booked for these trains? There will be five people in our party and on the overnight train we want to be able to sleep. Please help. Thanks.


        • Date / time: 2014-05-25 11:32:28Name: Pavla

          Dear Leigh, we understand your frustration. Unfortunately we cannot change how the railways work. We are only a travel agency. The prices and schedules generally do not change much – a few minutes later/earlier and the price may be a few EUR more. We all can only wait for November – that is when we will have the new schedule. Kind regards Pavla


          • Date / time: 2014-05-25 12:20:10Name: Leigh

            Hi Pavia Wow, I am super impressed at this service you offer, even if you can't change the way the railways work :)

            So what you are saying is that I can't make these bookings till November. As long as that applies to everyone I don't mind too much. I just don't want to get to Europe and find the trains I need are full, as I need to travel at specific times/dates.

            Will I be able to book these trains myself online, or are they not available to be purchased online/interna­tionally? I am in South Africa.

            I guess I can always get you to do the necessary when the time comes? Is that correct.

            Thanks again for an awesome and efficient service.

            Best wishes, Leigh


            • Date / time: 2014-06-01 10:42:03Name: Pavla

              Dear Leigh, I sorry for the delay. Yes, nobody can buy these tickets now. The will not sell out.

              You can (will be able to) buy the tickets on-line, we sell to customers from all over the world. Kind regards Pavla


              • Date / time: 2014-06-01 15:24:49Name: leigh

                Thanks so much Pavla. Appreciate your help.