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  • Date / time: 2013-11-17 11:09:07Name: santi

    Hi, I\‚ve been looking for a train tickets from Praha to Munich in your website (for 3th of December\‘13), but I\‚ve gotten two different prices. If I get them from www.czech-transport.com ->\„Train Tickets (top menu)\“, it costs 68€ per ticket, but if I get them from www.czech-transport.com ->\„Trains (right menu)\“->\„Prague → Munich\“, the cheapest tiquet costs 40€. I supose this happens because the second one is an electronic tiquet, but I don\‘t understand the diference between them. Could you help me, please?


    • Date / time: 2013-11-17 15:37:10Name: Pavla

      Dear customer, you are correct e-tickets is special low cost limited offer. That is why the price lower. Unlike with the paper ticket, you cannot change or cancel it. Kind regards Pavla


      • Date / time: 2013-11-17 16:57:39Name: santi

        thank you very much!