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Transportation in the Czech Republic

The Czech-Transport.com website provides information for visitors coming to Czech Republic about transportation options and how to move around and outside Czech Republic.

Prague airport

Coming to the Prague Airport? We recommend you taking our Prague airport shuttle. This service is suitable for individuals and bigger groups as well.

If you want to move from the airport using the public transport, read the article about transport from Prague airport.

Prague public transport

To move around Prague with the public means of transport, read the articles about Prague metro, Prague trams, Prague buses. Also, read about the tickets used in the Prague transport. Now, there is also a possibility to buy tickets by SMS.

If you plan taking a taxi, read about how to deal with Prague taxi drivers.

If you will move around with trains, read about Prague railway stations.

Transfers and trips around Czech republic

If you need a transfer from Prague to any Czech town or village, you can use our transfer service. Just go to the page and select the city you want to go to get the price.

Contact us if you want to contract any custom trip all around Czech republic. This is suitable for individuals and groups. Select your favourite destinations and we will get you there for a convenient price.

Train/bus connections with neighbour cities

You are coming to or leaving Prague by train? Read the articles about railway connections Prague – Vienna, Prague – Salzburg and Prague – Berlin.

If you prefer taking a bus, read about going from Prague to Vienna by bus or about going from Prague to Berlin by bus.

Guided Tours

You can also be taken for a short or detailed tour in Prague in a group of people or you can book an individual tour. There is a possibility to take a tour to another Czech town, e.g. Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov or Terezín. We also recommend to take one day guided trip to Dresden or Vienna.

Hotels in Czech Republic, Austria

Book your hotel in advance in Prague, Brno, Karlovy Vary or Český Krumlov. You can also book hotel in Vienna or in another town.

Transportation Czech Republic – links

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Transport in the Czech Republic


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