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hotel ↔ train station for 15 €


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not received tickets
  • Date / time: 2014-02-13 16:37:53Name: sarah

    Hi,\r\n\r\nplease send me coach tickets for the order no:- 6465807947242­10 leaving form budapest to prague on 24 march.\r\n\r\nPax name is Mrs Reena srivastava.\r\n\r\nkin­dly send me tickets on the given email id asap.\r\n\r\nRe­gards \'\r\n\r\nSarah \r\n\r\n


    • Date / time: 2014-02-13 22:10:27Name: Pavla

      Dear Sarah, your company books tickets through us quite frequently through the ccbooking@… email. We have to re-sent tickets quite often to you. If the address does not work, please, start using another email. Or check your spam folders before writing us again. And please, change your spam filters so our emails (czech-transport.com) are not refused or sent directly to spam. Thank you for your kind cooperation. This will save time to zou and to us. I sent the ticket no. 8327231731 to your email since the ccbooking is not working. Kind regards Pavla


    • Date / time: 2017-01-15 08:22:32Name: Maria Cristina Lopey Nava

      I have not recive tickets N.º de recibo: 0681–3690–7002–6054, praga to berlin, praga to munich


      • Date / time: 2017-01-15 11:46:29Name: Ivanna Novotna

        Hi, your ticket from Berlin to Prague and from Prague to Munich can be dowlonaded from the website. I have also resent these tickets. Please check also your spam folder.