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Transfers :: Prague ⇔ Salzburg :: travelling from salzburg to prague
  • Date / time: 2010-06-04 14:29:08Name: Jennifer

    Hi, a friend and I would like to travel from Salzburg to Prague on 22 or 23 September 2010. We would love it if we could have the driver for the day and you or he could recommend places to stop along the way. Is this possible? Thanks, Jennifer


    • Date / time: 2010-06-04 14:53:12Name: Petr

      Hi Jennifer, direct transfer Salzburg-Prague for 2 persons costs 281 EUR (348 USD, 7300 CZK). If there is any stop, we charge 14 EUR/per hour of waiting + additional km(if there are some). I find out if there are some places to stop along the ways


      • Date / time: 2010-06-04 15:00:52Name: Jennifer

        That sounds great! thanks


        • Date / time: 2010-06-04 16:59:08Name: Jennifer

          Do you also do airport pickups? We are planning to arrive at Munich airport and then go direct to Salzburg on the 19th. IS this something you do? How much would it be?


          • Date / time: 2010-06-04 17:04:05Name: Petr

            I can make you a calculation for this transfer but to be honest with you I think you will find some cheeper local company as we are czech based agency.


    • Date / time: 2010-06-05 13:20:54Name: Petr

      Hi Jennifer, there is one nice place where you should stop coming along the way to Prague. The town is called Cesky Krumlov. Check out this link: http://czech-transport.com/in­dex.php?… I propose you to stop there for 5 hour visit. Transfer Salzburg-Cesky Krumlov ( 5 hour visit)-Prague would be 360 EUR.