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Trains :: Czech trains :: Prague → Ostrava

How to get from Prague to Ostrava by train

From station:Praha hl.n. (Prague main railway station)
To station:Ostrava hl.n. (Ostrava main railway station)

Direct trains: Prague - Ostrava

from €19 *
Paper ticket
from €19**
couchette / bed
from €28
RJ 1001 RegioJet05:4409:04Buy now
EC 113 Porta Moravica06:2209:42Buy nowBuy now
SC 241 Pendolino Košičan07:0710:10Buy nowBuy now
LE 1351 LEO Express07:1310:33Buy now
RJ 1003 RegioJet07:4411:04Buy now
LE 1353 LEO Express08:1311:33Buy now
Ex 141 Landek 08:2211:42Buy nowBuy now
SC 505 Pendolino09:3712:38Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1005 RegioJet09:4413:04Buy now
Ex 115 Cracovia 10:2213:42Buy nowBuy now
LE 1357 LEO Express11:1314:34Buy now
SC 507 Pendolino11:3714:38Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1007 RegioJet11:4415:04Buy now
Ex 143 Petr Bezruč 12:2215:42Buy nowBuy now
SC 509 Pendolino13:3716:38Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1009 RegioJet13:4417:04Buy now
LE 1359 LEO Express14:1317:34Buy now
EC 117 Praha14:2217:42Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1011 RegioJet14:4418:04Buy now
LE 1361 LEO Express15:1318:33Buy now
SC 511 Pendolino15:3718:37Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1013 RegioJet15:4419:04Buy now
LE 1363 LEO Express16:1319:33Buy now
EC 145 Jan Perner16:2219:42Buy nowBuy now
SC 515 Pendolino17:3720:37Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1017 RegioJet17:4421:04Buy now
Ex 545 Hutník 18:2221:49Buy nowBuy now
SC 517 Pendolino19:3722:37Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1019 RegioJet19:4423:04Buy now
LE 1367 LEO Express20:1323:34Buy now
Ex 547 Ostravan 21:2200:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1021 RegioJet21:4401:07Buy now
EN 445 Slovakia 2.22:0002:14Buy nowBuy nowBuy now
EN 443 Bohemia 2.23:0902:58Buy nowBuy nowBuy now
Schedule valid from 2016-12-11 to 2017-12-09

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