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Trains :: Czech trains :: Pardubice → Prague
From station:Pardubice hl.n. (Pardubice main railway station)
To station:Praha hl.n. (Prague main railway station)

Direct trains: Pardubice - Prague

from €9 *
Paper ticket
from €8**
EN 476 Metropol 2.02:5203:45Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1020 RegioJet04:5505:58Buy nowBuy now
EN 444 Slovakia 2.05:2506:33Buy nowBuy now
EN 476 Metropol /524 2.05:3306:39Buy nowBuy now
RJ 580 Leoš Janáček 06:1207:06Buy nowBuy now
EN 442 Bohemia 2.06:1507:22Buy nowBuy now
Ex 546 Ostravan 06:2107:12Buy nowBuy now
LE 1350 LEO Express06:2607:19Buy now
Rx 874 Rudolf Těsnohlídek06:5808:03Buy nowBuy now
Ex 578 František Kmoch07:1008:06Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1000 RegioJet07:1708:12Buy nowBuy now
LE 1352 LEO Express07:2608:19Buy now
SC 516 Pendolino07:2908:22Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1030 RegioJet07:5108:47Buy nowBuy now
IC 574 Zdeněk Fibich08:1209:06Buy nowBuy now
IC 514 Opava08:2909:22Buy nowBuy now
Ex 544 Hutník 08:3809:39Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1032 RegioJet08:4809:42
Rx 872 Svojanov08:5810:03Buy nowBuy now
EC 282 Slovenská strela09:1010:06Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1004 RegioJet09:1710:12Buy nowBuy now
SC 512 Pendolino09:2910:22Buy nowBuy now
Ex 572 Josef Ressel09:4610:42Buy nowBuy now
RJ 70 Gustav Mahler10:1211:06Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1006 RegioJet10:1711:12Buy nowBuy now
EC 144 Jan Perner10:3811:39Buy nowBuy now
Rx 870 Punkva10:5812:03Buy nowBuy now
EC 280 Jan Jesenius11:1012:06Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1008 RegioJet11:1712:12Buy nowBuy now
SC 510 Pendolino11:2912:22Buy nowBuy now
RJ 72 Bedřich Smetana12:1213:06Buy nowBuy now
LE 1356 LEO Express12:2613:19Buy now
EC 116 Praha12:3813:39Buy nowBuy now
Rx 868 Špilberk12:5814:03Buy nowBuy now
EC 172 Hungaria13:1014:06Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1010 RegioJet13:1714:12Buy nowBuy now
LE 1358 LEO Express13:2614:19Buy now
RJ 74 Franz Schubert14:1215:06Buy nowBuy now
LE 1360 LEO Express14:2615:19Buy now
Ex 142 Petr Bezruč 14:3815:39Buy nowBuy now
Rx 866 Macocha14:5816:03Buy nowBuy now
EC 278 Danubius15:1016:06Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1012 RegioJet15:1716:12Buy nowBuy now
SC 506 Pendolino15:2916:22Buy nowBuy now
RJ 76 Antonín Dvořák16:1217:06Buy nowBuy now
Ex 114 Cracovia 16:3817:39Buy nowBuy now
Rx 864 Pardubický Porter16:5818:03Buy nowBuy now
EC 276 Slovan17:1018:06Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1014 RegioJet17:1718:12Buy nowBuy now
SC 504 Pendolino17:2918:22Buy nowBuy now
RJ 78 Johann Strauss18:1219:06Buy nowBuy now
LE 1364 LEO Express18:2619:19Buy now
Ex 140 Landek 18:3819:39Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1038 RegioJet18:4619:42Buy now
Rx 862 Jiří Bouda18:5820:03Buy nowBuy now
EC 274 Jaroslav Hašek19:1020:06Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1016 RegioJet19:1720:12Buy nowBuy now
SC 502 Pendolino19:2920:22Buy nowBuy now
RJ 370 Joseph Haydn20:1221:06Buy nowBuy now
EC 112 Porta Moravica20:3821:39Buy nowBuy now
EC 272 Csárdás21:1222:09Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1018 RegioJet21:1722:12Buy nowBuy now
SC 240 Pendolino Košičan21:3122:24Buy nowBuy now
RJ 372 W. A. Mozart22:1823:13Buy nowBuy now
LE 1366 LEO Express22:2623:19Buy now
Schedule valid from 2016-12-11 to 2017-12-09

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