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One World Film Festival

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Human Rights in One World

One World Film Festival takes place in Prague from 7 until 16th of March 2016.

One World is one of the leading festivals together with other 17 festivals which is dealing with the issue of human rights not only in Europe. Every year since 2000 One World has been providing more complex information and offers its visitors deeper understanding of the connections and the important foreign-political, global issues, distressed area and social themes.

One World addresses primarily young people and through films tries to present a collection of values on which a free and democratic society is based.

A part of the One World Festival includes the awarding of the thus far only international human rights award Homo Homini. The program of the festival also includes the highest quality documentary and cartoon films that received awards at prestigious international festivals, but also investigative and activist films, which draw attention to the most serious problems and violations of human rights.

Since 2000 the festival has received favorable responses from students, pedagogues and specialists which confirms the extraordinary potential of documentary films for the education of young people.

One World dedicates important role to the promotion of documentary films like cooperation with Czech Television or in the form of documentary Mondays in the Světozor cinemas.

Thanks to the One World educational platform, this festival has expanded to many smaller human rights oriented festivals in Central, South and Eastern Europe. The specific orientation of the One World made the festival one of the unique festivals in Central Europe. The festival' s concept can be compared to two major festivals dealing with human rights such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

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