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Bus stop Ostrava, hlavní nádraží: Ostrava bus stop at the main railway station

  • This stop is a part of the station: Ostrava hl.n. (Ostrava main railway station)
  • Address: Wattova 1046/19, 702 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Coordinates (GPS): 49.850447, 18.267646
  • Phone: +420 844 555 888

Because of continuing construction works, the ČD bus does not stop at the bus station next to the train station. The buses to Krakow stop in Nádražní street at a parking lot opposite to a house no. 192. See the map below.

Buses using this stop:

  • Bus 83100 to Krakow
  • Bus 83200 from Krakow

Ostrava bus stop at the main railway station on map

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