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Buses :: Bus stops :: Ostrava, Svinov

Bus stop Ostrava,Svinov,nádraží: Ostrava, Svinov bus stop

  • This stop is a part of the station: Ostrava-Svinov (Ostrava-Svinov railway station)
  • Address: Peterkova, 721 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Coordinates (GPS): 49.821283, 18.208670
  • Phone: +420 841 101 101
  • Bus companies that are using this stop: RegioJet, LEO Express a.s., Tiger Express

The buses stop in front of the train station Ostrava-Svinov. There are 2 public bus platforms.

- REGIOJET: platform no. 2.
- LEO Express, Tiger Express: platform 3

REGIOJET 2.8.-12.9.2017 a temporary bus stop is at a bus parking lot on Mannesmannova street. GPS: 49.820453, 18.208901

LEO EXPRESS, TIGER EXPRESS 2.8.-28.8.2017 the stop is temporarily moved to a parking lot in front of the restaurant U Šimka on Bilovecká street (old bus station under the Svinov Bridge). GPS 49.823256, 18.209513

SA ostrava temporaryLe ostrava temporaryOstrava_Svinov_SA_stop

Ostrava, Svinov bus stop on map

Bus routes from this city: Ostrava

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Last update: 2017-08-02