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  • Date / time: 2015-07-08 22:07:41Name: Michelle

    We are a family of six. We would like to take the night train from Vienna to Prague on Sept 5th. What would be the cost for a cabin with beds? Two of the kids are young enough to sleep with adults. Can we all stay in a private cabin together with 4 beds? What is the cost? Do you have another recommendation? What time in the morning do we have to exit the train? Thank you


    • Date / time: 2015-07-09 11:59:01Name: Pavla

      Dear Michelle, thank you for the message. What is the age of the kids, please?

      Kind regards


      • Date / time: 2015-07-09 12:02:58Name: Michelle

        12, 10, 8, and 6


        • Date / time: 2015-07-09 13:08:54Name: Pavla

          Thank you. We will consult this with my colleague tomorrow and get back to you. Pavla


          • Date / time: 2015-07-10 12:59:54Name: Pavla

            Hello again, my colleague told me that you can buy the couchette 4p, but you will still have to buy tickets for the 2 youngest kids. You will not save that much. And in 6p cabin you can have more room. Kind regards Pavla