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Trains :: Night trains :: How to buy a ticket for a night train in advance ?
  • Date / time: 2015-08-09 00:54:44Name: Manuel Bonilla Callejas

    I need two tickets for the night train on Wednesday August 12,2015 from Budapest to Prage , however I can't make the reservations online , I filled all the form and the web page send me to the shopping car, however when I get there the car is empty .the website still shows available tickets to this train. How can I make sure I can get the tickets to than train , there is the only way I can get on Prague on time . The page even doesn't show the page to pay.Thank you in advance for your service .


    • Date / time: 2015-08-09 19:41:10Name: Pavla

      Hello, it does not work because it is too close to the departure. It is because the tickets have to be delivered to your hotel/home in Budapest. There may not be enough time for the delivery. Kind regards Pavla


      • Date / time: 2015-08-09 19:50:16Name: Manuel Bonilla

        Got it , thanks for the quick reply, we will arrive to Budapest tomorrow afternoon , and we are planning to go to they Keleti pu train station to buy the night train ticket for Wednesday August 12 . Do you think there will be available tickets ? Is it possible to buy the tickets in the station, right ? If we are not able to get the night train tickets for Wednesday, what would be another option to get to Prague on Wednesday ? Thanks in advance for your support


        • Date / time: 2015-08-10 10:14:58Name: Pavla

          Hello, yes, train tickets can be bought at train stations. Do not worry they will assist you at the ticket office with everything. Kind regards Pavla