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Travel by bus: Berlin ↔ Hanover

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Services on the bus

  • Hot drinks for free, cold drinks for sale
  • Air condition and toilet in the bus
  • Leather seats with seatbelt
  • Electric socket (230 V)
  • Wi-Fi is available, but only on the Czech territory
  • Stewardess will help you

Ticket price

The price fluctuates between 10.00 and 15.00 EUR because it depends on the number of available seats.

  • ticket is sent by email / print out the ticket or write down its number and show it in the bus
  • Group tickets
Bus calendar: Berlin - Hanover
Bus calendar: Hanover - Berlin

Bus Berlin - Hanover: schedule for Wednesday, 18. July
Departure ArrivalPriceSeats

Pictures of the buses

You will recognize the bus by it`s bright yellow colour.

Bus: Company RegioJetBus: Company RegioJetBus: Company RegioJet

Polski Bus

Schedule Berlin - Hanover

From stationTo stationDep.Arr.CalendarPrice (EUR)Booking
Berlin, ZOB am FunkturmHannover ZOB23:0002:40running daily€43.00 (one-way)
€86.00 (return trip)
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Berlin, ZOB am FunkturmHannover ZOB23:5903:25running daily€43.00 (one-way)
€86.00 (return trip)
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Schedule Hanover - Berlin

From stationTo stationDep.Arr.CalendarPrice (EUR)Booking
Hannover ZOBBerlin, ZOB am Funkturm02:4506:00running daily€43.00 (one-way)
€86.00 (return trip)
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Hannover ZOBBerlin, ZOB am Funkturm04:0007:35running daily€43.00 (one-way)
€86.00 (return trip)
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Pictures of the buses

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