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BUS RENTAL – General Terms & Conditions

We will contact you and make a reservation of a suitable bus for you as soon as possible after receiving your inquiry by email, telephone or fax.


Payment conditions:

  • Most of the transfers have to be fully or partially paid in advance.
  • The date of payment and the amount of the deposit are decided individually. They depend on the date of transfer (season) and availability of buses.

Payment options:

  • On-line payment by credit/debit card: accepts VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron and Diners Club.
  • Payment in our office by card: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Visa Electron and Diners Club, JCB and Discover.
  • We can send you a proforma invoice with details for a bank transfer.

To ensure a secure payment, customers are redirected to a 3rd party payment portal. We receive only the result of the transaction. We do not have access to customer’s payment card data and we cannot make any purchase using the card data provided by customers.


Cancellations charges:

  • more than 21 days before the departure – free of charge
  • 21–14 days before the departure – 50 % of the price
  • 13–7 days before the departure – 85% of the price
  • 6–0 days before the departure – 100% of the price

Payments are refunded to the credit card/bank account used for the initial payment. The refund takes between 2–5 working days. No cash refunds are available (for amounts paid by credit card/bank transfer).

Changes, rebooking

Change fees:

  • more than 22 days before the departure – free of charge
  • 21–14 days before the departure – 15 % of the price
  • 13–7 days before the departure – 25% of the price
  • 6–0 days before the departure – 50% of the price

All changes are subject to availability of the buses, especially changes made at short notice.

Customer Responsibilities

  • The customer’s party must behave properly at all times. The driver may refuse to allow a passenger to board the vehicle or eject passengers from the vehicle if they are unfit to travel for whatever reason (for example, being intoxicated or abusive).
  • A driver may refuse to continue a journey if he believes a passenger(s) may put the safety of other persons and/or the contents of the vehicle and/or the vehicle itself at risk.
  • Customers may not drink on the bus: no coffee, tea, lemonade, alcohol, wine or beer, but only water in plastic bottles.
  • Customers are forbidden to smoke on the bus.


There will be a penalty charged for any damage caused by the customer’s party to the vehicles.

Types of damage:

  • Dirtying, breaking or tearing of seat(s): 100 € per seat.
  • Breaking the eating tray in front of a seat: 150 € per tray
  • Dirtying, breaking or tearing the curtain covering a window: 100 € per curtain.
  • Damaging the WC: 200 €
  • Breaking window(s): 450 € per window


If you were not satisfied with the service and want to make a claim, contact us by email. Subject should be Bus rental – complaint. Your claim will be accepted 8 days after the trip at latest. Not afterwards.


  • Quote by: Matthew Buckland
    • Quote by:Nadya Jerosenkova
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Last update: 2016-03-10