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  • Date / time: 2015-12-10 12:41:12Name: John Lane

    Hi, I just have a few questions. There is a group of 5/6 people coming to prague from the 2–5 Feb. We would be interested in going skiing of the 3rd/4th Feb. Some have snowboard before, and others are beginners. Are there lessons available for the beginners, and how much are these? Is this a cost per person or is there a group rate? Thanks,



    • Date / time: 2015-12-10 13:14:39Name: Pavla

      Hello. You can borrow the equipment, that is in the price of the trip. I searched the website of the ski center and they offer private lessons for groups (min. 3 people) or individuals (max 2 people). The price is about 17 € /person 50 minutes. It has to be reserved 2 weeks in advance. But I am not sure if the instructors will be fluent in English.

      Kind regards Pavla