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  • Date / time: 2016-03-16 17:51:28Name: Maria Jose Maclean

    Hi, I need to buy train tickets for the night train from Venice to Vienna on the 7th of June for me, my husband and my 1 year old, when I make the online purchase it offered a bed for 2 people this is a private cabin o not??, this cabin can be close from the inside?, do you have pictures?. The bed 2 person is bet if we travel with n infant, or do you have something better? Another question is if the tickets be send to Chile Many thanks. Regards, Maria Jose


    • Date / time: 2016-03-17 12:04:38Name: Pavla

      Dear Maria Jose, thank you for the message.
      - Yes, Bed 2 pers. is a private cabin for 2 people. It has 2 beds inside.
      - It can be closed/locked.
      - Unfortunately we do not have pictures.
      - I think the cabin for 2 would be suitable for you. Cabin for 3 is exactly the same – only with one more bed (3 bunk beds), but you will probably share the bed with the child.
      - Booking form

      Kind regards Pavla


      • Date / time: 2016-03-21 16:39:16Name: Maria Jose

        Hi, many thanks for your answers it was very clear. Today I both the tickets with FedEx shipment, how many day those it take to get to Chile? And when can I do the online reservation for the cabin? Many thanks again. Regards, María Jose


        • Date / time: 2016-03-23 16:05:10Name: Pavla

          Hello. The reservation was made and the tickets are on their way to you. They should arrive 30/3 according to the FedEx preliminary calculation. Kind regards Pavla