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  • Date / time: 2016-05-26 03:31:45Name: Jacob Powell


    My friends and I start our travels on June 5th. We are interested in getting our purchasing done for the overnight train, but it shows only a paper ticket option. We are wondering the definition of „paper ticket“. Is this something that is physically mailed. Or is this emailed in which we can print a physical copy. We ask because our travels are soon and we may not be able to receive the physical tickets before our departure.

    Please advise.


    • Date / time: 2016-05-26 10:53:42Name: Pavla Janoušková

      Dear Jacob, thank you for contacting us. We are a travel agency and we offer e-tickets only for day trains on this route. For the overnight train we can offer you paper tickets with delivery to your hotel in Prague. Or to your home. The delivery is quite quick. To bigger cities 1–2 working days. Our FAQ about delivery: https://czech-transport.com/in­dex.php?… . Kind regards Pavla