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Trains :: Prague → Vienna :: EC 77 Antonín Dvořák
  • Train type: Eurocity
  • 230V_CAR
  • BORDER_CROSS [CZ/A]: Breclav(Gr) 14:07
  • Train composition

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Warren Limbrick - warren.limbrick(at)xtra.co.nz - 2009-03-05

Could you kindly tell me the cost of a senior ticket on the Supercity/Eurocity train SC 17 SC Antonín Dvořák from Prague to Vienna (Austria). I intend to buy the ticket at Prague and make a reservation for travel approximately 11th May. Many thanks!

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-03-05

Hello Warren,
the regular fare without aby discounts is 1126,– CZK (+- 40 EUR) + 200,– CZK (+-7 EUR) for obligatory seat reservation (2nd class). As for senior ticket, you need to have an „In-Senior/Rail Plus“ card and it will cost you 659,– CZK (+ 100,– CZK seat reservation)

Source: Czech railways train fare calculator

Emily - theredpill(at)2die4.com - 2009-03-24

I am planning of buying train tickets for myself and three others for the 24th of May 2009. I don't know which is better: to buy the tickets online or at the station. Could you tell me how much a ticket from Prague to Vienna would cost for someone under 26 years of age? Is just buying a ticket enough or do I need to also purchase a reservation? If we are only bringing one bag each, does a regular ticket get us seats with storage space above or below our seats? I greatly appreciate your help.

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-03-25

Czech railways does not offer discount for people under 26, but they provide 25% Rail Plus discount (it is european card, here it is so called In-Karta). They also have better price if you buy return ticket (67 EUR for return ticket from Prague to Vienna).

As for the reservation, it is only required for the Supercity (SC, or Pendolino) trains, like this one.

And don't worry about the luggage, there is space for it in any train.

If you plan buying tickets only, it will cost you a little more than at the train station. But if you travel in high season be sure to buy the tickets a few days before, especially for this train which is Pendolino and it tends to be occupied.

Daniel - su.daniel(at)mayo.edu - 2009-03-30

How & where to obtain „In-Senior/Rail Plus“ card ? At what age a person can be counted as Senior ? How much does the „In-Senior/Rail Plus“ card cost ?

Paul - paulandsuelaycock(at)people.net.au - 2009-04-12

We are arriving in Prague on 22nd April 2009. We would like to travel to Vienna on 24th April on the Antonin Dvorak pendolino at 10:57 AM. We are having trouble booking that specific train online. If we book when we arrive in Prague (22nd April), can we be confident of getting reservations for the 24th April? We are also interested in obtaining a „In-Senior/Rail Plus“ card. Could you advise please? Many thanks, Paul

Myra - myra.hk(at)gmail.com - 2009-05-01

We, 5 ppl, would like to take a night train from Prague to Budapest on 5 Jun and then a night train back. Do you know how much for a 2ppl and a 3ppl sleeper compartment? What is the time schedule? Thank you so much. Myra

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-05-04

Myra, here is the information about trains from Prague to Budapest.

Isabelle - - 2009-05-06

Do we need a ticket for a baby of 7 months old ?

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-05-07


Dan Scarlett - armidan5(at)yahoo.com - 2009-06-09

On the A Dvorak from Praha hl.n you list a Bistro car, but DB's current website lists a Restaurant car. How you clarify. Many thanks

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-06-09

Since A. Dvorak is a Pendolino there is a bistro car – there is a bar and small tables to stand up.

See the plan of Pendolino bistro car.

Dan Scarlett - armidan5(at)yahoo.com - 2009-06-09

Thank you for your kind and speedy reply and for the link to thetruly impressive Pendolino website. Bravo Czech Republic! My love affair with Europe began many lyears ago with its trains and dining cars, and I am hoping to repeat that lovely experience.Does the Franz Schubert indeed have a Restaurant Caar and would you have a website for that train. Again, many thanks. DS

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-06-09

Yes, EC 73 Franz Schubert has a restaurant car. Look at the train car order and do not miss the pictures from the Franz Schubert dining car.

Chris Gardiner - chris.gardiner(at)yahoo.co.uk - 2009-06-10

The best deals are to book online IN ADVANCE using Czech Railways Eshop web site (in English)+ you can print your tickets. Best prices are for return fares starting in Prague. Went last week to Budapest & today on the Pendolino fast train to Vienna : )) Both cost €38 return including seat reservation – ENJOY!

neus - neusmaureta(at)hotmail.com - 2009-08-04

We are a family of 4 people, two of them young (14 and 11 years old)who want to travel from Prague to ienna on augst, 12 and would like to know the price, discounts and how we can book the tickets in order not to have risk of finding them. Thak you

Ivana Novotna - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-08-06

Hello Neus, for 2 adults price is 80 EUR, children with discount for 60 EUR. If traveling back, book return ticket with discount (or ask about group discount). Do you have any railway card that gives you discounted fares? The best way is to buy tickets directly at the Main railway station in Prague, do not worry, they are never sold out.


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