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FAQ :: Night Train from Prague to Vienna
  • Date / time: 2016-09-27 21:33:09Name: Cuneyt

    Hi. We plan to take a night train from Prague to Vienna on December 27, but couldn't find a train on timetable. Is there no train on that date? and why? Otherwise, which transportation else can we use to go to Vienna? We are totally six.


    • Date / time: 2016-09-28 12:10:36Name: Pavla Janoušková

      Hello. Thank you for the reply. The train will run, and the booking will be available 1–2 months in advance. Kind regards Pavla


      • Date / time: 2016-11-24 07:50:01Name: Cuneyt

        Dear Pavla, Since your previous reply, there has been no change in availability of booking for overnight train from Prague to Vienna. I started to worry about that, as it comes to Christmas holiday period and we have only one month left to go. Can you please advise what we should do? Best regards,


        • Date / time: 2016-11-24 10:01:16Name: Pavla Janoušková

          Hello. The day trains are available, but the overnight train is still blocked for reservations. It is all because there is a change of schedule in the middle of December. Unfortunately we do not know when the train will become available. If you do not wish to wait you will probably have to book a day train. Kind regards Pavla