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Trains :: European trains :: Budapest → Prague

How to get from Budapest to Prague by train

There are 6 direct trains between Budapest and Prague. Two of them go overnight.

From station:Budapest-Keleti pu (Budapest Keleti pu. railway station)
To station:Praha hl.n. (Prague main railway station)

Direct trains: Budapest - Prague

TrainDep.Arr.Paper ticket
from €52**
couchette / bed
from €70
EC 280 Jan Jesenius05:2512:08Buy now
EC 172 Hungaria07:2514:10Buy now
EC 278 Danubius09:2516:08Buy now
EC 276 Slovan11:2518:08Buy now
EC 274 Jaroslav Hašek13:2520:08Buy now
EC 272 Csárdás15:2522:08Buy now
EN 476 Metropol 2.20:0504:08Buy nowBuy now
EN 476 Metropol /878 2.20:0506:43Buy now
Schedule valid from 2015-12-13 to 2016-12-10

New schedule - valid from: 11. December, 2016

TrainDep.Arr.2nd / 1st class
€52 / €75 **
couchette / bed
from €70
EC 280 Jan Jesenius05:2512:06Buy now
EC 172 Hungaria07:2514:06Buy now
EC 278 Danubius09:2516:06Buy now
EC 276 Slovan11:2518:06Buy now
EC 274 Jaroslav Hašek13:2520:06Buy now
EC 272 Csárdás15:2522:09Buy now
EN 476 Metropol 2.20:0503:45Buy nowBuy now
EN 476 Metropol /524 2.20:0506:39Buy nowBuy now
Schedule valid from 2016-12-11 to 2017-12-09

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