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  • Date / time: 2012-09-27 13:27:42Name: brin

    Hello, Can you please let me know if i need to take a cab from the bus station to reach the Infant Jesus Church / Church of Our Lady Victorious.

    Thanks !!


    • Date / time: 2012-09-27 13:47:29Name: Pavla

      Dear Brin, I am not sure what bus station you mean. From Florenc station it is 4 km. If you do not like walking, you can book a taxi transfer here. Pavla


      • Date / time: 2012-09-27 23:16:33Name: brin

        Thanks Pavla. Yes i meant the Florenc bus station, sorry forgot to mention it in my query. Is it required to book a cab in advance or it can be done after reaching Florenc station. How much would it cost for the cab (in EUR). Is there any tram station near Florenc bus stop.


        • Brin


        • Date / time: 2012-09-28 09:45:41Name: Pavla

          Dear Brin, yes, there is a tram station. For more information about Prague trams follow here, please. If you want to take a taxi, it is better to book it in advance. The cost is 21 Euro. Pavla