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Kroměříž castle

Kroměříž castle

Kroměříž castle

Kroměříž city (Kremsier in German, Kromeriz in English) was found in 1260 by Bruno of Schauemburg, bishop of Olomouc who transfered here part of administration of diocese. The city was badly damaged in Thirty Years' War, two times was plundered from Swedish troops. Bishop Charles II. z Lichtenštejna rebuilt this city and palace after war. Constitutive Imperial Congress was sitting in Kroměříž in 1848.

The town's main landmark is the Baroque Kroměříž Bishop's Palace. The adjacent Lustgarten or Pleasure Park is one of the World Heritage Sites – UNESCO.

The castle of Kromeriz arose from the original wooden palace, the fortress and Gothic castle from 13th century. Rich collections of paintings, books and music as well as coinage are part of valuable objects together with the historical interior. The garden underneath the castle is a landscape park with around 64 ha, and the Flower Garden with 14 ha on the other side of the town is an example of the garden architecture of the 17th century. The bishopic mintcourt reminds the mintproduction activities in Olomouc by the permanent exhibition of its history.

Kroměříž - Flower garden

Kroměříž – Flower garden


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