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  • Date / time: 2014-07-19 12:42:38Name: Robert

    Is there a handbasin or shower in the sleeping compartments of the night train Krakow to Prague?


    • Date / time: 2014-07-21 16:11:01Name: Tomas Joska

      Hello! Night train offers sleeper cabins:

      Bed 1p (a private cabin for 1 person) Bed 2p (a private cabin with 2 beds, one above another. Luxury trains offer twin beds) Bed 3p (a cabin for 3 passengers). In these cabins can travel only passengers of the same gender, unless you buy all beds in the cabin. The primary distinction between couchettes and sleeping cabins is that beds in sleeping cabins are fully made up and the bedding is prepared. The beds in sleeping cabins are more comfortable.

      Couchette cabins:

      Couchette 4p is a cabin with 4 berths (beds) Couchette 6p is a cabin with 6 berths. The accommodation is less comfortable than a standard sleeping cabin, but are also less expensive. Pillows, sheets and a form of sleeping bag is often provided, washing facilities and WCs are always only available at the end of the coach outside of the cabin. If you’re in a group of less than 6 (or 4) people it’s likely that you’ll be sharing a compartment with people that you don’t know.