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  • Date / time: 2015-08-01 18:32:36Name: juliana oliveira

    We are two Portuguese friends and we want to travel from berlin to budapest, with stops in Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. We would like to travel from berlin the prague on August 30, Prague to Vienna on September 3, Vienna to Bratislava on 5 September and Bratislava to Budapest on 6 September. it is possible to buy one pass ticket for all, or the best will buy separate tickets?
    Juliana and Joan


    • Date / time: 2015-08-03 10:37:00Name: Pavla

      Hello, for this route, it is cheaper to buy separate tickets. Berlin-Prague – you can have e-ticket 40 €, (or a bus 19 €),

      Prague-Vienna – train e-ticket cost is 39 €, (or a bus 10 €),

      Vienna-Bratislava – use one of the many local trains

      Bratislava-Budapest – we offer e-tickets only for buses: 7–9 €


      • Date / time: 2015-08-04 14:48:54Name: Juliana Oliveira

        Thanks for all :) Juliana e Joana