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  • Date / time: 2024-05-21 09:41:20Name: Sarah Godino


    My friend and I booked a ticket from Ostarije to Split on friday 7 of June. I do have the payment and the email that says that I will recieve it at home, but I didn’t get a tracker code.

    Our problem is that on Sunday 2, we are no longer on Spain, and we dont know i we Will get it on time.

    The number of our Interrail reservation is R2024369950.

    What should we do if we dont get the ticket on time?

    Is it posible to have it on .pdf or to get them re-printed on the cash register?

    Thank you so much!!


    • Date / time: 2024-05-21 10:53:02Name: Ivanna Novotna

      Hello. Unfortunately you did not book the ticket with us, please turn to the original provider.