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Tickets for the night train: Prague - Budapest

NJ 457 nightjet /47700:40 (12:40 AM)
08:29 (08:29 AM)
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IC 577 Metropol /47722:03 (10:03 PM)
Praha hl.n.
08:29 (08:29 AM)
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Available products and prices

Ticket and reservation (default/recommended option)
Printed ticket couchette 6 pers.€89
Printed ticket couchette 4 pers.€95
Printed ticket bed 3 pers.€105
Printed ticket bed 2 pers.€120
Printed ticket bed 1 pers.€179
Electronic ticket couchette 6 pers.€96
Electronic ticket couchette 4 pers.€103
Electronic ticket bed 3 pers.€109
Electronic ticket bed 2 pers.€120
Electronic ticket bed 1 pers.€184
Seat/cabin reservation only (without ticket, only for Interrail or Eurail Pass holders)
Printed reservation couchette 6 pers.€21
Printed reservation couchette 4 pers.€28
Printed reservation bed 3 pers.€39
Printed reservation bed 2 pers.€55
Printed reservation bed 1 pers.€120
Electronic ticket couchette 6 pers.€26
Electronic ticket couchette 4 pers.€32
Electronic ticket bed 3 pers.€38
Electronic ticket bed 2 pers.€54
Electronic ticket bed 1 pers.€120

How to buy night train tickets

  • Please, use our booking form.
  • Train tickets are sent to provided address (home / work / hotel) or delivered by courier in Prague. Read about the delivery options.
  • there is usually a small amount of electronic tickets with better price. this contingent sells out really fast-in case of interest please e-mail us asap

Exchange and ticket cancellation

Cancellation and date&time change is possible, please see our terms and conditions.

Images of the overnight trains

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