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Places to see in Brno

Villa Tugendhat Brno – UNESCO

Brno Vila Tugenhat

Brno Villa Tugendhat

UNESCO monument of modern architecture.

The Villa Tugendhat in Brno is the first monument of Czech modern architecture listed as the UNESCO cultural heritage. The building is named after Fritz Tugendhat, owner of a Brno textile factory, who had this jewel of interwar functionalist architecture built for his family. It was built by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1928.

Located 20 min walking from the centre or by tram numbers 3, 5 and 11 – stop „Dětská nemocnice“.

VILA TUGENDHAT (see on map)
Černopolní 45, 613 00 Brno
tel.: +420 545 212 118
e-mail: tugendhat-villa@tugendhat-villa.cz

Official website: http://www.tu­gendhat-villa.cz/…n/in­dex.html

In 2009 the villa Tugendhat will be closed for visitors due to reconstruction (for 2 – 4 years). It is open till March 29, 2009!!! Possible reservation after this date should be checked by phone (Wed till Sun) or by email – see contact info above

Spilberk Castle Brno

Located on a hill (290 m), rising directly over the historical centre of Brno.

This dominant of Brno was built around the mid-13th century. It used to be a residence, prison, fortress and nowadays it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Brno. Do not forget to enter the casemates!

Spilberk Castle (see on map)
Špilberk 1, 662 24 Brno – střed
tel.: +420 542 123 611, +420 542 123 612
e-mail: muzeum.brno@spil­berk.cz
GPS: 49°11'39.41„N; 16°36'0.12“E

Official website

Located just 10 min walking from the center (square: Namesti Svobody).

Brno Petrov

Brno Petrov

Cathedral Of St.Peter and Paul in Brno

Petrov – one of the landmarks of Brno.

The Cathedral Of St. Peter and Paul is located on the top of the hill, known as Petrov, on the presumed site of the former Brno castle. After the castle`s demise the free-standing Romanesque basilica was rebuilt as a Gothic cathedral in the 13th century and converted to the Baroque style in the 18th century. Its current neo-Gothic form dates from the turn of this century. Since 1777 the cathedral has been the seat of the Brno bishopric.

Location: 10 min walk from the centre (square: Namesti Svobody).


Brno Capuchin Monastery with Crypt

Crypt with dead men bodies.

The most know part of the monastery after all is the Capuchin Crypt situated in its basement. It was founded in the middle of the 17th century. Both ideal geological ground composition under the church and exceptional system of airing made possibility for mummification of dead men bodies burried there. People burried in the crypt represent all the society levels from time of monastery founding till the year 1787 when a decision of emperor Joseph II. prohibiting burying inside of towns was proclaimed. The Capuchin crypt was several times arranged and renewed. During the last adaptation in 1995–98 a new entrance on left side of church outside the building of monastery was opened.

Location: 5 min walk from the centre (square: Namesti Svobody)


UPM, the excellent Museum of Applied Arts, housed in a graceful neo-Renaissance building, takes you on a tour of the cultural influences on Moravian art through the centuries.
Opening hours:
Wed – Sun: 10am-6pm
Thu until 7pm.

The excursion

From its perpendicular walls to a nerve-jangling wooden bridge, Pernstejn Castle looks every inch the classic medieval gothic pile. It's a short walk from Nedvedice station – a one-hour train ride from Brno. Some journeys require a change of trains at Tisnov.
Opening hours:
Tue – Sun: 9am-noon till 1–5pm.

The walk

Start in the city's main square, Namesti Svobody, home to a gilded plague column and an eclectic mixture of architecture that ranges from neo-Renaissance to functionalist. Head down Masarykova, turn right up Panska and left into Radnicka to reach the old town hall, with its gothic portal topped with a crooked spire.

A crocodile, known locally as the „Brno dragon“, dangles from the courtyard ceiling. Continue to Zelny Trh, the city's traditional cabbage market. Then walk up Petrska to reach the Cathedral of St Petr and Pavel on Petrov hill. The adjacent Denisovy gardens are a pleasant place to stroll.

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