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  • Date / time: 2012-10-18 08:24:06Name: Tigran

    Hi. I have a ticket to Prague and I would like to continue my trip from Prague to Lyon by train. So would you please tell me is it possible,and whether do you have a high speed train traveling to my destination?


    • Date / time: 2012-10-18 11:54:29Name: Pavla

      Dear Tigran,

      thank you for contacting us. There are some indirect high speed train connections between Prague and Lyon. We can provide you with a ticket. Firt we would need to know this information:

      a date and an approximate time of travel, a number of passengers, a 1st or 2nd class ticket, your names, a telephone number, an email address.

      Then we will give you a price of this ticket. Kind regards Pavla


      • Date / time: 2014-03-19 22:44:49Name: diane

        I would like to get to Prague or Kosice from Lyon in August, 2014. I need something cheaper, be it the eurolines or a TGV. Please send the reply to my e-mail. Thanks in advance.


        • Date / time: 2014-03-20 12:36:44Name: Pavla

          Dear customer, thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately between Prague and Lyon, you can fly, take the trains (TGV) or the direct bus (Eurolines).

          Or if you find your way to Geneve. We can offer you a student agency ticket from Geneve to Prague (88 EUR) or to Kosice (95 EUR). Kind regards Pavla


      • Date / time: 2013-08-13 22:57:17Name: Carmelo

        I would like to book a train ticket from Prague to Lyon tomorrow or next day if possible Let me know if that is possible. E-mail my mother at lgirard@sfu.ca for payment. Thanks


        • Date / time: 2013-08-14 12:06:12Name: Pavla

          Dear Carmelo, the train connection is not direct, you will need to change trains twice or four times. You can buy the tickets at the train station or in our office. another option is Eurolines direct bus. You would need to go to their office and buy the ticket there. Kind regards Pavlina