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  • Date / time: 2018-01-21 10:33:03Name: Julia Jeong

    Hello, My name is Julia and I am working on my travel plan to Eastern Europe, I was wondering if there is a train that goes to Praha from Budapest and how to change the E-ticket to actual paper ticket at the Budapest train station. I've been having trouble booking tickets through Hungary Transportation website and was looking for other ways to buy tickets. I was wondering if it's an affirmed transportation to use since the ticket is provided from czech website and there's no review about anyone purchasing tickets from czech-transport.com. Look forward to hearing answers to my questions. Thank you so much for your time, in advance.


    • Date / time: 2018-01-21 11:49:44Name: Pavla Janoušková

      Dear Julia Jeong, thank you for contacting us. We sell e-tickets for these trains too. You only need to print it on a letter/A4 sheet of paper and show it on the train. But those tickets cannot be changed or canceled. The Czech railways have a contact with the Hungarian railways and sell part of seats on their trains. We sell these tickets quite regularly and there are no problems on the Hungarian trains.

      The schedule and booking form is here: https://czech-transport.com/in­dex.php?…. Booking open 60 days in advance.

      Kind regards Pavla