Route of train: Os 8718

Schedule valid from 12/08/2018

České Velenice 17:210
Nová Ves n.Lužnicí 17:266
Dvory n.Lužnicí 17:31Train stops only on request.11
Hrdlořezy 17:33Train stops only on request.13
Suchdol n.Lužnicí z. 17:36Train stops only on request.15
Suchdol n.Lužnicí17:3817:3916
Majdalena zast. 17:47Train stops only on request.24
Třeboň lázně 17:54Train stops only on request.32
Lužnice 18:04Train stops only on request.38
Lomnice n.Lužnicí18:0818:0943
Frahelž 18:12Train stops only on request.46
Vlkov n.Lužnicí 18:15Train stops only on request.50
Veselí n.Lužnicí18:20 55
Schedule valid from 12/08/2018 to 12/14/2019
  • Train type: Regional train
  • safekeeping during transportation (until capacity is exhausted)

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