1st of April, UPDATE: Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, all international passenger rail/bus transport between the Czech Republic and Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland has been suspended until further notice. Most of other international rail/bus services are currently suspended too.

All electronic tickets for inland travels in those countries are still available for purchase though.

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Route of train: Sp 2106

Wien Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof 8:280 km
Wien Spittelau8:308:311 km
Wien Heiligenstadt8:338:343 km
Tulln8:558:5636 km
Absdorf-Hippersdorf9:049:0547 km
Grossweikersdorf9:109:1156 km
Ziersdorf 9:1764 km
Limberg-Maissau9:249:2673 km
Eggenburg9:339:3482 km
Sigmundsherberg9:419:4292 km
Hötzelsdorf-Geras 9:49102 km
Irnfritz9:579:58113 km
Göpfritz an der Wild10:0610:07126 km
Allentsteig10:1210:13133 km
Schwarzenau im Waldviertel 10:20143 km
Vitis10:2710:28152 km
Hirschbach b.Gmünd10:3010:31156 km
Pürbach-Schrems10:3410:35160 km
Gmünd NÖ10:4210:45167 km
České Velenice10:49 169 km
Schedule valid from 12/15/2019 to 12/12/2020
  • Train type: spěšný vlak
  • Border crossing [A/CZ]: Gmünd Gr. 10:47

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