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Route of train: R 664 Rožmberk

Brno hl.n. 11:41The train does not wait for any connections.0 km
Náměšť n.Oslavou12:2812:2943 km
Třebíč12:4912:5063 km
Okříšky 13:0775 km
Jihlava13:3313:40104 km
Jihlava město13:4313:44106 km
Kostelec u Jihlavy13:5713:58Tickets are sold in the train.119 km
Dolní Cerekev14:0114:02Tickets are sold in the train.122 km
Batelov14:0814:09128 km
Horní Cerekev14:1514:16Tickets are sold in the train.134 km
Počátky-Žirovnice14:3214:33150 km
Jindřichův Hradec14:5614:59171 km
Kardašova Řečice15:1215:13183 km
Veselí n.Lužnicí15:2715:28197 km
České Budějovice15:5616:04236 km
Číčenice16:2516:26Tickets are sold in the train.266 km
Protivín16:3116:32273 km
Ražice16:3916:40282 km
Strakonice16:5116:53296 km
Horažďovice předm.17:0717:09313 km
Nepomuk17:2817:29338 km
Plzeň hl.n.17:57 372 km
Schedule valid from 12/15/2019 to 12/12/2020
  • Train type: rychlík
  • Seat reservation is available
  • snack (delivery service or self-service machine)
  • Car or compartments reserved for passengers with children up to 10 years
  • transport of luggage with possibility to make reservation of place for bicycle and passenger, in some trains only for bicycle
  • Car suitable for wheelchair passengers, equipped with a lift
  • Line R11

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