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Route of train: EN 476 Metropol /456/406

Budapest-Keleti pu 19:250 km
Vac20:0620:0735 km
Štúrovo20:3920:4280 km
Nové Zámky21:0821:10124 km
Bratislava hl.st.22:0322:10215 km
Kúty22:4722:49279 km
Břeclav23:0123:50297 km
Ostrava hl.n.1:311:33481 km
Bohumín1:403:18489 km
Chalupki3:243:25494 km
Wodzislaw Sl.3:413:42512 km
Rybnik(PL) 3:56523 km
Katowice4:394:43563 km
Krakow Glowny5:416:01670 km
Miechow6:296:30720 km
Wloszczowa Polnoc7:027:03780 km
Opoczno Poludnie7:317:32842 km
Warszawa Zachodnia8:278:29961 km
Warszawa Centralna8:338:40964 km
Warszawa Wschodnia8:46 968 km
Schedule valid from 12/13/2020 to 12/11/2021
  • Train type: EuroNight
  • Direct car
  • For sitting in the train There are only 2nd class cars
  • Sleeper carriages with beds
  • Seat reservation is required
  • AC 230 V outlet is available
  • From the station Břeclav (dep. 23:50) Train NJ 456
  • From the station Bohumín (dep. 3:18) Train IC 406

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