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Route of train: Os 3419

Opava východ 13:420 km
Opava-Komárov 13:46Tickets are sold in the train.4 km
Štítina13:4913:507 km
Mokré Lazce 13:52Tickets are sold in the train.9 km
Lhota u Opavy 13:54Tickets are sold in the train.10 km
Háj ve Slezsku13:5713:5913 km
Jilešovice 14:02Tickets are sold in the train.17 km
Děhylov14:0514:06Tickets are sold in the train.20 km
Ostrava-Třebovice14:1014:11Tickets are sold in the train.25 km
Ostrava-Svinov14:1414:1928 km
Ostrava-Vítkovice 14:2636 km
Ostrava-Kunčice14:3014:3240 km
Ostrava-Bartovice14:3614:37Tickets are sold in the train.44 km
Šenov 14:39Tickets are sold in the train.46 km
Havířov14:4314:4450 km
Havířov střed14:4614:47Tickets are sold in the train.51 km
Havířov-Suchá 14:4954 km
Horní Suchá14:5114:5256 km
Albrechtice u Č.Těš.14:5414:5558 km
Chotěbuz (Kocebedz) 15:00Tickets are sold in the train.64 km
Český Těšín (Czeski Cieszyn)15:05 69 km
Schedule valid from 12/15/2019 to 12/12/2020
  • Train type: osobní vlak
  • For sitting in the train also first class wagons
  • Car suitable for wheelchair passengers, equipped with a lift
  • Line S1
  • Line S1 [ODIS] (Opava východ->Český Těšín (Czeski Cieszyn))

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