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Route of train: Os 5455

Děčín hl.n. 20:410 km
Děčín-Přípeř 20:43Train stops only on request.2 km
Děčín-Prostřední Žleb 20:464 km
Děčín-Čertova voda 20:49Train stops only on request.7 km
Dolní Žleb zast. 20:52Train stops only on request.9 km
Dolní Žleb20:5420:5510 km
Schöna20:5921:0013 km
Schmilka-Hirschmühle 21:0214 km
Krippen 21:0821 km
Bad Schandau21:1021:1823 km
Rathmannsdorf(Pirna) 21:20Train stops only on request.25 km
Porschdorf(Pirna) 21:23Train stops only on request.28 km
Gossdorf-Kohlmühle 21:26Train stops only on request.31 km
Ulbersdorf 21:32Train stops only on request.37 km
Amtshainersdorf 21:34Train stops only on request.39 km
Sebnitz(Sachs)21:3921:4244 km
Dolní Poustevna21:4521:4745 km
Horní Poustevna 21:52Train stops only on request.47 km
Vilémov u Šluknova 21:55Train stops only on request.49 km
Mikulášovice dol.n.22:0022:0151 km
Lipová u Šluknova 22:08Train stops only on request.53 km
Velký Šenov 22:1155 km
Velký Šenov z. 22:14Train stops only on request.57 km
Šluknov zast. 22:18Train stops only on request.60 km
Šluknov 22:2262 km
Valdek 22:28Train stops only on request.67 km
Rumburk22:34 72 km
Schedule valid from 12/13/2020 to 12/11/2021
  • Train type: osobní vlak
  • For sitting in the train also first class wagons
  • Suitable for disabled passengers (wheelchairs)
  • Line U28
  • Border crossing [CZ/D]: Schöna(Gr) 20:57