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Route of train: EC 102 Polonia 1.3

Wien Hbf 14:100 km
Břeclav15:0415:1090 km
Hodonín15:2115:22110 km
Staré Město u Uh.Hrad.15:3715:38144 km
Otrokovice15:4915:51162 km
Přerov16:1116:13190 km
Hranice na Moravě16:2916:30219 km
Ostrava-Svinov16:5516:57269 km
Ostrava hl.n.17:0317:05274 km
Bohumín17:1217:27282 km
Chalupki17:3317:38287 km
Wodzislaw Sl.17:5417:55305 km
Rybnik(PL)18:0818:09316 km
Katowice18:4818:51361 km
Sosnowiec Glowny18:5919:00370 km
Zawiercie19:2319:24405 km
Warszawa Zachodnia21:1321:14656 km
Warszawa Centralna21:1821:25659 km
Warszawa Wschodnia21:31 663 km
Schedule valid from 12/13/2020 to 12/11/2021
  • Train type: Eurocity
  • Seat reservation is available (Wien Hbf->Bohumín)
  • Restaurant car
  • AC 230 V outlet is available
  • Extended luggage transport (e.g. bikes) which requires reservation
  • Suitable for disabled passengers (wheelchairs) equipped with a lift
  • Line Ex4 (Břeclav->Bohumín)
  • Border crossing [CZ/PL]: Bohumín(Gr) 17:31
  • From the station Chalupki (dep. 17:38) Train EIC 102

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