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Trains :: Prague → Brno

How to get from Prague to Brno by train

From station:Praha hl.n. (Prague main railway station)
To station:Brno hl.n. (Brno Central railway station)

Direct trains: Prague - Brno

from €18 *
Paper ticket
from €18**
Ex 571 Johann Gregor Mendel04:5207:37Buy nowBuy now
EC 273 Csárdás05:5208:22Buy nowBuy now
R 975 Jan Blažej Santini06:0609:41Buy nowBuy now
RJ 71 Gustav Mahler06:5209:22Buy nowBuy now
EC 275 Jaroslav Hašek07:5210:22Buy nowBuy now
R 977 Porta coeli08:0611:41Buy nowBuy now
RJ 73 Bedřich Smetana08:5211:22Buy nowBuy now
EC 277 Slovan09:5212:22Buy nowBuy now
R 979 Barbora10:0613:41Buy nowBuy now
RJ 75 Franz Schubert10:5213:22Buy nowBuy now
EC 279 Danubius11:5214:22Buy nowBuy now
R 981 Lipnice12:0615:41Buy nowBuy now
RJ 77 Antonín Dvořák12:5215:22Buy nowBuy now
EC 173 Hungaria /341/43113:5216:22Buy nowBuy now
EC 173 Hungaria13:5216:22Buy nowBuy now
R 983 Vysočina14:0617:41Buy nowBuy now
RJ 79 Johann Strauss14:5217:22Buy nowBuy now
R 985 Svratka15:0618:41Buy nowBuy now
EC 281 Jan Jesenius15:5218:22Buy nowBuy now
R 987 Sázava16:0619:41Buy nowBuy now
RJ 371 Joseph Haydn16:5219:22Buy nowBuy now
IC 575 Zdeněk Fibich17:2119:51Buy nowBuy now
EC 283 Slovenská strela17:5220:22Buy nowBuy now
R 989 Doubrava18:0621:44Buy nowBuy now
RJ 373 W. A. Mozart18:5221:22Buy nowBuy now
RJ 581 Leoš Janáček19:4922:22Buy nowBuy now
R 877 Viktor Kaplan20:5523:47Buy nowBuy now
EN 477 Metropol 2.23:5802:43Buy nowBuy now
Schedule valid from 2015-12-13 to 2016-12-10

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