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Trains :: Czech trains :: Prague → Pardubice
From station:Praha hl.n. (Prague main railway station)
To station:Pardubice hl.n. (Pardubice main railway station)

Direct trains: Prague - Pardubice

from €9 *
Paper ticket
from €8**
Ex 571 Johann Gregor Mendel04:4905:45Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1001 RegioJet05:4406:38Buy nowBuy now
EC 273 Csárdás05:4906:45Buy nowBuy now
EC 113 Porta Moravica06:2207:19Buy nowBuy now
RJ 71 Gustav Mahler06:5007:45Buy nowBuy now
SC 241 Pendolino Košičan07:0708:00Buy nowBuy now
LE 1351 LEO Express07:1308:08Buy now
RJ 1035 RegioJet07:1908:16Buy now
RJ 1003 RegioJet07:4408:38Buy nowBuy now
EC 275 Jaroslav Hašek07:5208:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 863 Jiří Bouda07:5508:59Buy nowBuy now
LE 1353 LEO Express08:1309:08Buy now
Ex 141 Landek08:2209:19Buy nowBuy now
RJ 73 Bedřich Smetana08:5209:45Buy nowBuy now
SC 505 Pendolino09:3710:29Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1005 RegioJet09:4410:38Buy nowBuy now
EC 277 Slovan09:5210:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 865 Pardubický Porter09:5510:59Buy nowBuy now
Ex 115 Cracovia10:2211:19Buy nowBuy now
RJ 75 Franz Schubert10:5211:45Buy nowBuy now
LE 1357 LEO Express11:1312:08Buy now
SC 507 Pendolino11:3712:29Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1007 RegioJet11:4412:38Buy nowBuy now
EC 279 Danubius11:5212:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 867 Macocha11:5512:59Buy nowBuy now
Ex 143 Petr Bezruč12:2213:19Buy nowBuy now
RJ 77 Antonín Dvořák12:5213:45Buy nowBuy now
SC 509 Pendolino13:3714:29Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1009 RegioJet13:4414:38Buy nowBuy now
EC 173 Hungaria13:5214:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 869 Špilberk13:5514:59Buy nowBuy now
LE 1359 LEO Express14:1315:08Buy now
EC 117 Praha14:2215:19Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1011 RegioJet14:4415:38Buy nowBuy now
RJ 79 Johann Strauss14:5215:45Buy nowBuy now
LE 1361 LEO Express15:1316:08Buy now
RJ 1031 RegioJet15:1916:12Buy now
SC 511 Pendolino15:3716:29Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1013 RegioJet15:4416:38Buy nowBuy now
EC 281 Jan Jesenius15:5216:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 871 Punkva15:5516:59Buy nowBuy now
LE 1363 LEO Express16:1317:08Buy now
Ex 573 Josef Ressel16:1917:17Buy nowBuy now
EC 145 Jan Perner16:2217:19Buy nowBuy now
IC 513 Opava16:3717:29Buy nowBuy now
RJ 371 Joseph Haydn16:5217:45Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1033 RegioJet17:1918:12Buy nowBuy now
SC 515 Pendolino17:3718:29Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1017 RegioJet17:4418:38Buy nowBuy now
EC 283 Slovenská strela17:5218:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 873 Svojanov17:5518:59Buy nowBuy now
Ex 545 Hutník18:2219:19Buy nowBuy now
RJ 373 W. A. Mozart18:5219:45Buy nowBuy now
SC 517 Pendolino19:3720:29Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1019 RegioJet19:4420:38Buy nowBuy now
RJ 579 František Kmoch 19:4720:45Buy nowBuy now
LE 1367 LEO Express20:1321:08Buy now
Ex 581 Leoš Janáček21:0021:59Buy nowBuy now
Ex 547 Ostravan21:2222:19Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1021 RegioJet21:4422:38Buy nowBuy now
EN 445 Slovakia 2.22:0023:13Buy nowBuy now
EN 443 Bohemia 2.23:0900:20Buy nowBuy now
EN 477 Metropol 2.23:5801:06Buy nowBuy now
Schedule valid from 2016-12-11 to 2017-12-09

New schedule - valid from: 10. December, 2017

from €9 *
2nd / 1st class
€8 / €12 **
R 641 Hukvaldy 2.04:2405:21Buy nowBuy now
RJ 71 Gustav Mahler04:4905:45Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1031 RegioJet05:2106:14Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1001 RegioJet05:4806:41Buy nowBuy now
EC 273 Metropolitan05:5106:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 861 Svitava05:5807:02Buy nowBuy now
Ex 113 Porta Moravica06:2407:21Buy nowBuy now
RJ 73 Bedřich Smetana06:5107:45Buy nowBuy now
Rx 885 Slovácký expres06:5808:02Buy nowBuy now
SC 241 Pendolino Košičan07:1008:04Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1041 RegioJet07:2108:14Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1003 RegioJet07:4808:41Buy nowBuy now
EC 275 Metropolitan07:5108:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 863 Jiří Bouda07:5809:02Buy nowBuy now
LE 1351 LEO Express08:1009:04Buy now
Ex 141 Landek08:2409:21Buy nowBuy now
RJ 75 Franz Schubert08:5109:45Buy nowBuy now
Rx 887 Slovácký expres08:5810:02Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1033 RegioJet09:2110:14Buy nowBuy now
SC 505 Pendolino09:4210:35Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1005 RegioJet09:4810:41Buy nowBuy now
EC 277 Metropolitan09:5110:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 865 Pardubický Porter09:5811:02Buy nowBuy now
EC 115 Cracovia10:2411:21Buy nowBuy now
RJ 77 Antonín Dvořák10:5111:45Buy nowBuy now
Rx 889 Slovácký expres10:5812:02Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1043 RegioJet11:2112:14Buy nowBuy now
SC 507 Pendolino11:4212:35Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1007 RegioJet11:4812:41Buy nowBuy now
EC 279 Metropolitan11:5112:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 867 Macocha11:5813:02Buy nowBuy now
LE 1357 LEO Express12:1013:04Buy now
Ex 143 Petr Bezruč12:2413:21Buy nowBuy now
RJ 79 Johann Strauss12:5113:45Buy nowBuy now
Rx 891 Slovácký expres12:5814:02Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1035 RegioJet13:2114:14Buy nowBuy now
IC 50913:4214:35Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1009 RegioJet13:4814:41Buy nowBuy now
EC 173 Hungaria13:5114:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 869 Špilberk13:5815:02Buy nowBuy now
LE 1359 LEO Express14:1015:04Buy now
EC 117 Praha14:2415:21Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1011 RegioJet14:4815:41Buy nowBuy now
RJ 371 Joseph Haydn14:5115:45Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1047 RegioJet15:2116:14Buy nowBuy now
SC 511 Pendolino15:4216:35Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1013 RegioJet15:4816:41Buy nowBuy now
EC 281 Metropolitan15:5116:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 871 Punkva15:5817:02Buy nowBuy now
LE 1361 LEO Express16:1017:04Buy now
RJ 1037 RegioJet 16:2117:14Buy nowBuy now
EC 145 Jan Perner16:2417:21Buy nowBuy now
IC 513 Opava16:4217:35Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1015 RegioJet16:4817:41Buy nowBuy now
RJ 373 W. A. Mozart16:5117:45Buy nowBuy now
Rx 895 Slovácký expres16:5818:02Buy nowBuy now
SC 515 Pendolino17:4218:35Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1017 RegioJet17:4818:41Buy nowBuy now
EC 283 Metropolitan Slovenská strela17:5118:47Buy nowBuy now
Rx 873 Svojanov17:5819:02Buy nowBuy now
Ex 545 Hutník18:2419:21Buy nowBuy now
RJ 375 Zdeněk Fibich18:5119:45Buy nowBuy now
SC 517 Pendolino19:4220:35Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1019 RegioJet19:4820:41Buy nowBuy now
LE 1367 LEO Express20:1021:04Buy now
RJ 1053 RegioJet20:2121:14Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1021 RegioJet21:4822:43Buy nowBuy now
EN 443 Slovakia 2.22:1923:24Buy nowBuy now
EN 445 Bohemia 2.23:3900:46Buy nowBuy now
EN 477 Metropol /40723:5700:57Buy nowBuy now
Schedule valid from 2017-12-10 to 2018-12-08

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