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Trains :: Czech trains :: Prague → České Budějovice

How to get from Prague to České Budějovice by train

We offer these direct trains:

From station:Praha hl.n. (Prague main railway station)
To station:České Budějovice (České Budějovice main railway station)

Direct trains: Prague - České Budějovice

from €13 *
Paper ticket
from €14**
R 701 Kotnov05:3207:52Buy nowBuy now
Ex 1541 F. A. Gerstner06:0208:00Buy nowBuy now
R 703 František Bílek06:3208:52Buy nowBuy now
R 705 Svět07:3209:52Buy nowBuy now
R 1250 2.07:4210:43Buy nowBuy now
Ex 531 Josef Seidel08:0210:02Buy nowBuy now
R 707 Vojtěch Lanna08:3210:57Buy nowBuy now
R 709 Matthias Braun09:3211:52Buy nowBuy now
Ex 1543 Anton Bruckner10:0212:00Buy nowBuy now
R 711 Nežárka11:3213:52Buy nowBuy now
R 1246 2.11:4214:43Buy nowBuy now
R 713 Blaník12:3214:57Buy nowBuy now
R 715 Josef Lada13:3215:52Buy nowBuy now
Ex 1545 Matthias Schönerer14:0216:00Buy nowBuy now
Ex 53315:0217:02Buy nowBuy now
R 719 Konopiště15:3217:52Buy nowBuy now
R 1242 2.15:4218:43Buy nowBuy now
Ex 53516:0218:02Buy nowBuy now
Ex 537 Budvar17:0219:02Buy nowBuy now
R 723 Jan Žižka17:3219:52Buy nowBuy now
Ex 1547 Váša Příhoda18:0220:00Buy nowBuy now
R 725 František Křižík18:3220:57Buy nowBuy now
R 727 Josef Suk19:3221:52Buy nowBuy now
R 729 Ohrada20:3222:52Buy nowBuy now
R 731 Klokoty22:0200:22Buy nowBuy now
Schedule valid from 2016-12-11 to 2017-12-09

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