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  • Date / time: 2014-05-30 07:17:29Name: Cathy

    Hi,my husband and I plan to go to Prague for three days stay after our Cossack Explorer tour which will end at Berlin Thereafter, we will proceed to Munich, stay 3 days before our trip back home to the PHL. This will be our first time to travel by train since our European tours were always thru organized tours and via coaches. My question is, would it be more convenient to purchase our tickets at the train station in Berlin one or two days prior to the day of the departure instead of purchasing on line and how much would be the cost/price difference.\r\n\r\nCou­ld you also email the train schedules from Berlin to Prague on 28 July 2014 and from Prague to Munich on 2 August 2014. Thanks a lot.\r\n\r\nCathy


    • Date / time: 2014-05-30 22:17:50Name: Pavla

      Dear Ms. Cathy, Prague-Munich trains, Munich-Prague trains. The prices are diffrent at the station and through us, but I cannot give you exact amount for the train station. It may also help to read through our FAQ. Kind regards