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FAQ – Train Paper Tickets

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  • A) Before the purchase (when to buy the tickets, payment problems, seat reservations, delivery)
  • B) After the purchase (no confirmation, sold out tickets, choosing your seat/bed, stopping along the way, exchanges, refunds, price issues, don't understand the tickets, lost tickets)
  • C) At the station, On the train (arriving at a train station, finding the platform, missed train, refreshments, getting off the train)
  • D) General questions (pets, 1st vs. 2nd class, Rail passes, Luggage, High-speed trains)

A) Before the purchase

1. What type of tickets should I buy?

You can choose from these three options:

  • 1) Ticket and reservation

    This is the default and recommended option for most of our customers. Passengers with this ticket type receive a seat or a cabin reservation and tickets for the specific route, day and train. Customers cannot use these train tickets to board another train – even on the same route, and cannot get off and on the train along the way.

  • 2) Ticket only (without seat reservation)

    Passengers, who choose this option, travel only with tickets printed for a specific route, day and train. They do not have any assigned seats, couchettes or beds and have to find their own seats on the train. On busy routes or during the summer season if there are no free seats, you may spend your trip standing in the corridor.

    This is the only option available on some of the regional routes where no seat reservations exist (Krakow-Oswiecim, Bratislava-Vienna…). This option cannot be used for overnight and certain high-speed trains.

  • 3) Rail Pass seat/cabin reservation (without a ticket)

    This ticket type is only for Interrail or Eurail Pass holders. They receive from us only a seat or a cabin reservation.

    For travelling on a train passengers have to always have tickets or Interrail or Eurail Passes. Do not forget to ensure that you have a valid Rail Pass, for the whole trip. Otherwise, you will be charged for tickets (plus a fine) on the train. Having only the reservation is not sufficient. Czech-Transport doesn’t accept any claims for these charges.

    Find out more about rail passes and reservations for Interrail and Eurail pass holders.

2. What is the difference between e-tickets and paper tickets?


  • Even in 21st-century paper tickets are the only available travel documents for many train routes mainly for night trains and trains in Eastern/Southern Europe.
  • E-tickets, on the other hand, are the most common way how to travel on day trains in Western Europe.


  • E-tickets are issued only for a specific passenger and train. Usually, they can neither be cancelled nor re-booked.
  • All paper tickets in our offer can be cancelled, a cancellation fee is 20–40% of the ticket price, the tickets must be present in our Prague office at least 3 days before the travel date for the cancellation purposes. Paper tickets are also anonymous, so anybody can travel with them.

Prices, discounts:

  • E-tickets are almost always cheaper than paper tickets.
  • Paper tickets have a group discount rate if there are 6+ pax travelling.


  • E-tickets are sent as a .pdf file to a customer's e-mail. Generally, they have to be printed out by the customer. In some cases, it is sufficient to only show the ticket on an electronic device.
  • Paper tickets are valid only as originals and must be physically delivered to the customer (DHL/FedEx/Prague courier shipping) or personally collected in our Prague office or in one of the DHL Service Points in abroad. Paper tickets cannot be re-issued if they are misplaced.

3. Can I buy tickets that you do not offer on your website?

YES. If your destination is not in our standard offer, write us an email with your travel details (When, Where, Number of passengers, etc.), please. We will get back to you with a schedule and a price.

4. When can I book my tickets?

In 90% of cases the train ticket booking opens 60–90 days before the departure date. We require at least 1 working day for processing the order. That is why the booking is closed 2–5 days before departure.

5. Should I buy the tickets in advance?/Can I buy them at a train station?

YES. We generally recommend buying the tickets at least a few weeks in advance, as soon as you know your travel dates. Mainly if you want to travel in the 1st class or on a night train, then you should buy the tickets well in advance, because the availability is limited.

Buying tickets at the train station is possible (the offer is subject to availability), but the prices may be different, you can spend a lot of time in the queue and the trains might be already sold out, when you arrive to the station.

6. Do I have to reserve seats?

NO. On most of the day trains, seat reservations are not compulsory. But without a seat reservation you will need to find an unoccupied seat and if the train is full, you may spend the journey standing in a corridor.

YES. On some high-speed day trains and on all night trains seat reservations are required.

7. Can I choose my seat/bed/couchette?

NO. The seats and beds are chosen by the booking system automatically. You will sit next to a window if possible. If you travel with a partner or in a group, one person should make the booking for all the participants. This ensures that the booking system will look for the closest available seats or beds in the same cabin.

8. What type of cabin should I choose?

On overnight trains, there are these types of cabins:

2nd class Couchette cabins: Couchette 4 pers. and couchette 6 pers. = cabins with 4 or 6 bunk beds offering a lower level of comfort for a better price.

  • A sheet, a blanket and a pillow are provided. You have to make up your bunk bed. Breakfast is not included in the price.
  • Toilets (washrooms) are shared by occupants of the car.
  • These compartments are always communal for men and women.

2nd class Sleeper cabins: Bed 1 pers., Bed 2 pers., and Bed 3 pers. = comfortable cabins for 1, 2 or 3 passengers.

  • There is a wardrobe, (a sink) and the bunk beds are already made (sheet, blanket, pillow). You can lock the door. A small breakfast is usually included in the price.
  • Toilets are communal. Newer sleeper carriages are generally air-conditioned, have 230 V sockets and a communal shower.
  • The compartments are separate for men and women. This does not apply if you buy all the beds in the cabin (e.g. you travel as a pair and buy 2 beds in the Bed 2 pers cabin). Children 0–9 years old travel regardless of gender.

Deluxe sleeper cabins: Bed 1 pers. 1st class, Bed 2 pers. 1st class, Bed 3 pers. 1st class = accommodation for 1, 2 or 3 passengers with a private bathroom.

  • There is a wardrobe and the bunk beds are already made (sheet, blanket, pillow). You can lock the door. A small breakfast is usually included in the price.
  • Includes a private toilet and shower. The sleeper carriages are generally air-conditioned and have 230 V sockets.
  • The compartments are separate for men and women. This does not apply if you buy the whole cabin (e.g. you are 2 passengers and choose the Bed 2 pers 1st class cabin). Children 0–9 years old travel regardless of gender.

More information about overnight trains can be found here.

9. Can I apply for a group discount?

YES, but you don't have to. The group discount for day trains is included in the booking form. Even if you do not write to us and apply for the discount, we will automatically recalculate the ticket's price and issue an appropriate refund.

The group discount is available if the number of travellers is more than 5. Here is more information.

10. Why is it important to give my mobile phone number and two e-mails?

Sometimes you need to be contacted urgently (an issue with your order, its delivery etc). By requiring two e-mails we reduce the chance that all the communication is directed to your spam/junk folder and deleted. The more reliable contacts we have, the lower is the chance that something goes wrong with your order or delivery.

The cell phone number and e-mail address are also required from our deliverers.

11. How can I receive the paper tickets?

Paper tickets are valid only if you have the original tickets and show them to a conductor on the train. You have several delivery options:

  • Courier service to a hotel/hostel in Prague: €15 handling fee

    The tickets are stored in our office and then delivered to a reception desk of your hotel one day before your arrival. Delivery to apartments without a front desk is not possible. Please, pay close attention when entering your check-in name and date into our booking system.

  • Collection from our Prague office: €10 handling fee.

    You can pick up the tickets during our working hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (we are closed on public holidays). Please note that the office is NOT located at the train station. More details

  • Standard Post, FedEx or DHL delivery. The price depends on the destination (€18-€45).

    The tickets can be sent to your home/work address anywhere around the world or to your hotel in Europe. DHL also offers a pick up of their parcels at their Service Points in Budapest, Berlin and Vienna, this may help if you stay in AirBnb in those cities.

    Please note that DHL and FedEx parcels are insured, the delivery is very quick and you can track your envelope. On the other hand, standard post shipping is not insured and has no international tracking.

FAQ about the delivery methods.

12. Problems with payment.

If you have problems with a credit card, please, use PayPal as an alternative payment option or e-mail us all information about your travel plans so we can send you payment instructions on-line (payment by credit card) or a proforma invoice (bank transfer). You can also pay directly in our office in Prague. We accept cash (EUR, CZK) or credit cards. (Purchases in the office: a handling fee is 5 € per order.)

The order confirmation is sent to you and to us only after a successful payment.

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B) After the purchase

13. I have not received my confirmation e-mail.

Firstly, please, double-check if your payment was successful. If your bank account is not charged, the order is not generated. Sometimes, the amount is deducted from your account and refunded within 24 hours when your payment is not successful. You need to repeat the payment then.

If the payment went through and you cannot find the order confirmation, please, double-check your spam (junk) folder. Then send us the payment/travel details and we will assist you with sorting out the situation.

14. Why the tickets get sold out?

Have you booked a ticket, received a confirmation and soon after that an e-mail stating that the tickets are not available? Unfortunately, our reservation system is not directly connected to the booking system of the Czech Railways. Even if you receive the confirmation after the successful purchase, tickets can be sold out before we process the order. We try our best to satisfy our customers. Therefore in these situations, we always offer a full refund and other available alternatives to you.

15. How can I cancel or modify paper train tickets?

If you want to cancel or exchange tickets, please, proceed according to our terms and conditions, part Exchanges and refunds. Generally, you need to send the tickets back to our office. The tickets have to arrive at least 3 days before the planned departure. Our cancellation fee is 20–60% of the ticket price and depends on the ticket type.

Exchanges: the original tickets have to be delivered to us and cancelled. Then, new tickets are purchased and delivered to you. The cancellation fee is 20–60% of the ticket price.

If the order has not been printed yet (status pending), it can be cancelled by email. The cancellation fee is 10% of the total price of the order in such case. As long as your order is pending, you can make changes of date/time etc for free (subject to availability).

16. The price printed on tickets is different from what I paid.

The final prices do not have to correspond with the ones at your tickets. Often, there are various fees and taxes that are not printed on your tickets and that we have to pay in order to provide you with these tickets. That is why your price includes an administration fee.

We will be happy to issue an invoice for you for the full price if you need it e.g. for your business trip. Just write to us your order ID and who is the customer – you or e.g. your employer.

seat reservation

1st class compartment reservation

17. Do I have a 1st class sleeper cabin?

To verify that you have a 1st class cabin with a private bathroom, look on your reservation. 1st class sleeper cabins have the word „DELUXE“ written under the bed numbers on the reservation. Deluxe cabins are printed and combined with 2nd class tickets (this is a railway companies agreement), the type of the cabin is determined by the type of the reservation.

18. I do not understand my tickets/reser­vation.

Usually, you have a reservation and several tickets stapled together. The tickets are printed separately for each country that you pass on the train (border to border). You need to keep them all stapled together.

seat reservation

View Ticket Reservation

If you booked tickets without seat reservations, there is no specific date, time or train printed on them. You can use them for the intended connection.

If you do not know where is your train, wagon or seat number and for more information about understanding your tickets follow here.

19. I do not have my tickets (lost, stolen, damaged tickets).

Passengers must be in possession of valid tickets at the time of travel and must be prepared to present them when required. An order confirmation, an invoice, any scan or copy of the tickets are not accepted as a substitute for your tickets. Czech-Transport.com cannot replace lost, stolen, damaged or mislaid tickets. In such circumstances passengers must purchase new tickets.

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C) At the station, On the train

20. Can I travel just with my e-mail confirmation?

NO. You have to present the original tickets from us during the inspection on the train. An e-mail confirmation/in­voice/ticket copy will NOT be accepted as a valid ticket!

21. How soon do I have to arrive at a station?

Try to avoid arriving at the station a couple of minutes before your train departs. Stations, which you haven’t visited yet, can be confusing and you have to find your platform. We recommend arriving at the train station at least 20 minutes before the train departure.

22. How do I find the platform number?

In most cases, the numbers of platforms are not written on the tickets. They are usually announced about 20 minutes before the departure at the train station and are visible on departure screens.

23. Do I have to check in for international journeys?

NO. The tickets that we sell are valid travel documents. All you have to do is board the train and find your seat/couchette/bed and wait for a conductor to check your tickets. Of course, you need to have valid travel documents on you too (ID card or passport).

24. What if I miss the train?

It depends on the type of your ticket. In most cases, if you miss the train, you need to buy completely new tickets. Sometimes, if you travel on a day train with normal tariff tickets, all you have to do is buy a new seat reservation at the train station and you can travel by the next train departing on the same day. Please ask directly at the ticket office at the train station about how to proceed.

25. Do conductors speak English?

YES, conductors on international trains should be familiar with a basic level of English.

26. Can I get off the train and stop somewhere before I reach my destination?

In most cases NO, because the train tickets are valid only for the date, the time and the train that you ordered. If you want to visit a city on the route and then continue on a later train, you should buy separate tickets. Sometimes it is possible to use an earlier or a later train (depending on the route and the ticket type). Please, contact us before the trip with this request/query.

27. Can I buy refreshments on the train?

Generally YES. On day trains, there can be a restaurant or a bistro carriage. Or there are refreshment trolleys providing in-seat service. On night trains, you can buy some refreshments from a carriage attendant. There are no restaurant cars on night trains. You can also take your own food on board of any train.

28. How will I know when to leave the train?

You have the departure and arrival information printed on your seat/bed/couchette reservation. On night trains, we recommend setting your alarm clock, also, you can be woken up by your carriage attendant if you ask for it.

29. Can I ask for a refund if my train is delayed/cancelled?

YES, if your train was cancelled, or the delay was over an hour, or you had to travel in a lower class than you ordered. You need to:

  • Ask a conductor to confirm the problem (delay, cancellation, …). He/she will write it on the back of your ticket or give you a special document.
  • Send us originals of the tickets with the description of the situation. The address is here.

We will forward it all to the railways. It has to be done within a month of the departure. They have 3 months for the investigation and to decide about the refund.

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D) General questions

30. Can I travel with a pet?

YES. Dogs and small pets up to the size of a domestic cat are transported free of charge if they are in a suitable container (prevents damaging the carriage). These containers must be placed on the passenger’s lap or in areas for hand luggage.

Larger dogs and dogs not transported in the above-mentioned containers must have a muzzle and must be on a leash. You need a special ticket for the pet. It can be bought at a train station. The price is about a half the international 2nd class fare.

NO. Dangerous or sick pets cannot be transported. Dogs and other small pets (except for guide dogs) cannot be transported to or from Norway, Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. For transport to Sweden (SJ) there are several restrictions (mandatory quarantine, vaccinations, etc.). For more information, visit the Swedish Railways (SJ).

Pets cannot be transported on the Czech territory in the 1st class, restaurant or bistro cars. As to overnight trains, the rules connected to pets are different in each country. Before travelling on overnight trains, please, contact us or the local railways for more information.

31. What is the difference between and 1st and 2nd class?

The services are different on almost every train. Generally speaking, the 1st class provides better services. Seats are larger with generous legroom, the coaches have usually 230V electrical sockets, air conditioning, an open-space seating plan and are quieter with fewer passengers. Some trains offer complimentary meals and drinks, otherwise, they are available for purchase.

The 2nd class is a saver fare, with cosy seats and a standard legroom. The wagons are usually airconditioned. The wagons have either an open-space or a compartment arrangement. In some, there are electric sockets.

32. Luggage and bicycle transportation

You can travel with max. 3 pieces of hand luggage free of charge. It must be easy to handle and fit into luggage spaces (under the seats or on overhead racks). It must not inconvenience other passengers or rail operations, or cause any damage. Passengers are responsible for their luggage.

Bicycle transport is possible only on certain trains:

  • Domestic trains on the Czech territory: Purchasing ticket for your bicycles is usually no problem. Please, write to us BEFORE you buy the ticket. We will check the availability and offer the rate.
  • International trains: Bicycle transportation is offered only on selected trains. In some cases, you cannot travel without a previous reservation. The price for the international transport of a bicycle is 15 EUR (ticket + reservation). It is non-refundable. Please send us an e-mail with your travel details, the number of passengers and bicycles BEFORE you buy any ticket. We will check the availability and offer the rate.
  • Bike transportation is usually not allowed on night trains

We only sell person+bicycle reservations and tickets (not bicycle only).

33. Will there be Wi-Fi available on the train?

The free Wi-Fi service is available only on selected trains. The offer is increasing each year. The service is now available on RailJet, ICE, Pendolino and Thalys trains and on some EC, Rx trains.

34. Do you sell e-tickets for overnight trains?

YES. You can choose seats for some night lines in the booking form .

We can also provide you with beds and couchettes. Please send us an e-mail with your travel details, we will check the availability and offer the rate. More information about accommodation on overnight trains is here

35. Are there any discounts available for the paper train tickets?

Following discounts are available:

  • Group discount: The group consists of at least 6pax. Group discounts are either calculated automatically in the booking form (for most daytime connections) or calculated and set up after the tickets get printed and delivered (groups on the night trains)
  • Minor discounts: Every Railway company has different conditions for minors. Usually, children up to the age of 3 travel free of charge and children from 4 to 12 years travel for half fare. But there are many exceptions to this rule.
  • So-called SparNight discount: For a few night trains, there is usually one cabin for this special fare. It gets almost always booked within a few days after the booking opens. These tickets are always non-changeable, non-refundable and are NOT in our standard offer.

    Age discounts are either calculated automatically in the booking form (for most daytime connections) or calculated and set up after the tickets get printed and delivered (children on the night trains). There are no discounts for students and elderly people.

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