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FAQ – Train Electronic Tickets



A) Before the purchase

0. What is the difference between e-tickets and paper tickets?

  • Delivery: E-tickets are delivered by email (PDF) and printed by customers. Paper tickets are delivered by FedEx/DHL/post or picked up in the Prague office and you need the original tickets if you lose them you have to buy new ones.
  • Changes, cancellations: e-tickets can't be changed, and often cannot be cancelled. Paper tickets can be cancelled if they are delivered to our Prague office at least 3 days before the departure
  • Prices: For the majority of routes, e-tickets are less expensive than paper tickets. There is a limited amount of them.

1. My destination is not offered by Czech Transport.

We offer e-tickets mainly for day trains.

2. When can I buy an e-ticket?

The booking opens 60 days before the departure. It closes 0.5–5 days before the departure. It depends on the type of connection and the current availability.

3. I have problems with the payment.

If you are experiencing problems with your credit card, please, use Paypal as an alternative payment option and/or e-mail us information about your travel plan so we can send you payment instructions online.

You can also pay directly in our office in Prague. We accept cash (CZK, EUR) and credit cards.

4. Can I buy an e-ticket for a night train?

NO. Unfortunately we do not offer them. The only exception are seats for certain night lines (Prague-Krakow, Prague-Warsaw, Prague-Vienna). See more information about night trains.

5. Can I buy a 1st class e-ticket?

We offer 1st class tickets only for a few day trains (Prague-Vienna, Prague-Munich, Prague-Berlin). For most of the connections we offer only 2nd class e-tickets. If you wish to buy a 1st class ticket for them, we can provide you with a paper ticket.

6. Can I make a reservaton and pay for the ticket later (at a train station)?

NO. Right after making the reservation, you need to go to the shopping cart and pay the tickets. Otherwise the reservation is not valid.

7. How can I pay for my tickets?

  • On-line: you can use a credit card (Visa, Maestro, Master Card) or PayPal.
  • In our office in Prague: we accept cash and credit cards.

8. Can I give my train e-ticket to another person?

NO. The train e-tickets are issued for specific person and are non-transferable. Conductors will check the data on the tickets and on your travel documents (passports, Ids). If the data does not match you have to buy a new ticket. Change or cancellation of train e-ticket is not possible.

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B) After the purchase

9. I have not received my confirmation e-mail.

Please, double-check your spam/junk folder as requested if using a hotmail, yahoo, live or msn account. For further communication please adjust your spam/junk filters to be able to receive communication from Czech-Transport.com domain.

Please send us your alternative e-mail address to which we can re-send the confirmation.

10. I have not received my e-tickets.

You can download the ticket by yourself. In the email order confirmation there is a link for an on-line summary of your order. After we process the order (Status of the order is Completed) a download link appears right next to the Status:Comple­ted sign.

E-tickets are sent to e-mail during 24 hours since the payment is made. If you do not received your e-ticket within this period, please check firstly your spam/junk folder. If you do not find tickets in spam, please send us a message together with an alternative e-mail where we can address your e-tickets.

11. Why the tickets get sold out?

Have you booked an e-ticket, received a confirmation and soon after that an e-mail that tickets are not available?

Unfortunately our system is not connected to the system of the Czech Railways. Even if you receive a confirmation after the successful purchase, tickets could be sold out before we process the order.

We try to satisfy our customers as much as we can. Therefore we offer alternatives for you (another tickets or connections) and a cancellation of the order.

12. Can I change my e-ticket?

NO. It is not possible to change your e-ticket once it is processed. We recommend filling all dates very carefully when ordering an e-ticket.

13. Can I cancel my e-ticket?

YES. If the order has not been processed yet (status pending), it can be cancelled by email. Then the cancellation fee is 10 % of the price.

Cancellations and refunds of train e-tickets are handled individually according to terms and conditions of the carrier and the ticket type. Customers have to contact us by e-mail with inquiry at least 24 hours in advance. Booking fees are non-refundable.

14. The price on tickets is different than the one I paid.

By purchasing the train tickets you agree with our prices. Our prices do not have to correspond with the ones at your tickets. The price of each ticket includes an administrative fee (from 5 to 20 EUR). See our terms and conditions

15. Do I have to print the e-ticket?

YES, in most cases you have to. It should be printed on an A4 sheet / US letter. Then it is considered a valid travel document. Print all the pages of the PDF document.

If you have an e-ticket for a train within the Czech territory, you do not have to print it. You can just save the PDf and show it to a conductor on a train.

16. What if my ticket is lost, damaged, or stolen?

Czech transport do not replace lost, damaged, stolen tickets. In case of train e-tickets, you can simply print the ticket again. If you cannot find it, write us and we will send it to your email again.

17. I do not understand the e-tickets

The passenger will receive the ticket on 1 page. Group travel: Every passenger has his own ticket, with his name. Seat reservations may be issued together for all passengers as a separate part (page) of the ticket (PDF document) with a name of one of the passengers.

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C) At the station, On the train

18. How do I find the platform number?

The numbers of platforms are not written on the tickets. They are usually announced about 20 minutes before the departure at the train station and are visible on departure screens.

19. Can I just travel with an e-mail confirmation?

NO. You will need to physically show your train ticket to the conductor onboard at the time of ticket control. In any case, e-mail confirmation or invoice are never acceptable as a form of train ticket.

20. How soon do I have to arrive at the station?

Try to avoid arriving at a station a couple of minutes before your train departs. Stations large or small that you haven’t used before can be confusing. Your train is likely to be ready to board about 30 minutes before its departure time.

21. What to do on the train?

After you board the train, look for the ticket conductor who will stamp your ticket. If, after 20 – 30 minutes, he has not come, please, go to find him and ask him to stamp your ticket. The number of your ID (passport) has to be the same as the number written on the e-ticket.

22. Do conductors speak English?

YES, the conductors, should be familiar with a basic level of English.

23. What if I miss the train?

It depends on the type of your ticket. If you have a seat reservation, you need to buy completely new tickets. If the ticket is bough without a seat reservation, you can use it for another train during the same day.

24. Can I buy refreshments on the train?

Generally YES. On day trains, there can be restaurant or bistro carriages. (The train composition: click on a name of your train and then link train composition will appear.) Or there are refreshment trolleys providing in-seat service. You can also take your own food on board of any train.

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D) General questions

25. Do children / students/ seniors have discounted tickets?

NO. The tickets are already a special low cost offer. There are no age related discounts for children or seniors.

26. Can I travel with my pet?

YES. Dogs and small pets up to the size of a domestic cat are transported free of charge, provided they are in a suitable container which prevents damage or soiling of the carriage or luggage. These containers must be placed on the passenger’s lap or in areas specified for hand luggage.

Larger dogs and dogs not in the above-mentioned containers must have a muzzle and must be on a leash. You need a separate travel document for the pet. The ticket can be bought at a train station. The price is about a half the international 2nd class fare.

NO. Dangerous or sick pets, including dogs, cannot be transported and will be excluded from transport. Dogs and other small pets (except for guide dogs) cannot be transported to or from Norway, Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. For transport to Sweden (SJ) there are several restrictions (mandatory quarantine, vaccinations, etc.); in inland transport around Sweden it is necessary to have a reservation for a compartment in which the transport of animals is permitted. For more information, visit Swedish Railways (SJ).

27. Will there be Wi-Fi available on the train?

Generally NO. Wi-Fi is available only on these trains:

  • RailJet trains: Wi-Fi only on the Austrian territory, electric sockets for your notebook.
  • ICE trains: most of them have WiFi available in Germany, electric sockets.
  • Thalys trains: Wifi is available for all the routes (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany). Electric sockets.

Trains with Wi-Fi in the Czech Republic: Pendolino and RegioJet trains

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