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Train Paper tickets: Terms and Conditions of Purchase

General terms and conditions

  • Paper-tickets can be issued for any connection offered on our website. They are physically printed by us and shipped to customers.
  • Passengers must present the originals of the tickets and other needed documents (passport, ID card) when required (upon boarding an overnight train or when asked by a conductor on day trains). Czech Transport is not responsible for any damages arising out of incomplete or improper documentation given by the passenger.
  • Passengers must comply with the carrier's ter­ms/conditions and all cross-border regulations on the route. This includes presenting necessary documents (health/work-related etc.), wearing personal protective equipment, etc. If passengers do not comply with them and encounter problems, Czech-Transport is not liable for any damage and will not refund the ticket cost in such cases.
  • These terms apply when trains are running but passengers cannot travel for reasons beyond their control (e.g. government-applied security or health measures). In such a case, any claim will be treated as a cancellation, subject to the conditions of cancellation below. We recommend making sure your travel insurance covers Trip cancellation.
  • In some cases, the tickets are divided at the international borders.
  • Customers must keep tickets stapled together and ready for inspection. Claims for missing tickets are not accepted if tickets are detached.
  • Paper-tickets are usually printed as a ticket with a separate reservation of a seat/bed/couchette. In some cases, they are issued as a single combined document. Customers can also choose to buy only reservations or tickets.
  • There are no names printed on paper tickets. They can be used by whoever has them.
  • Customers are responsible for rechecking the train tickets immediately after receiving them. If any discrepancy occurs, please contact us without delay. Claims cannot be accepted less than 24 hours before the train departure and are therefore invalid.
  • Lost Tickets and Passes: Czech Transport is not responsible for tickets or reservations, which are lost, stolen or destroyed. Refunds cannot be authorized in such cases.

Placing an order

  • Paper tickets can be ordered up to three months in advance for most of the connections.

Unavailable and sold out tickets

  • If due to any circumstances the ordered ticket cannot be purchased by Czech Transport on the customer's behalf (e.g. the train is full, a mistake in the booking system) the transaction is cancelled and the customer receives a full refund. Czech Transport informs the passenger about the unavailability of the ordered tickets as soon as possible and is not responsible for any damage or expense arising, direct or indirect, out of the situation.

There are 3 ticket types we offer:

  • a) Ticket and reservation (default recommended option)

Passengers with this ticket type receive a seat or a cabin reservation and tickets for the specific route, day and train. Customers cannot use these train tickets to board another train – even on the same route, and cannot get off and on the train along the way.

  • b) Ticket only (without seat or cabin reservations)

Passengers who buy this type of ticket travel only with tickets for a specific route, day and train without having any specific seat or cabin booked. On busy routes or during the summer season this can result in standing the whole journey in the corridor.

This option is the only option on some of the regional routes (e.g. Krakow-Oswiecim, Bratislava-Vienna…), where no seat reservations are available. This option cannot be used for overnight and certain high-speed trains.

  • c) Rail Pass seat/cabin reservation (without ticket)

This ticket type is solely for Interrail or Eurail Pass holders. They receive from us only the seat or cabin reservation. For travelling on a train passengers have to always have tickets or Interrail or Eurail Passes. Without those, passengers will have to pay the full ticket price plus a fine directly on the train. Having only the reservation is not sufficient. Czech-Transport doesn’t accept any claims for these charges.

We require the following information:

  • The parcel recipient’s full name
  • The parcel recipient’s valid e-mail address (ideally also an alternative e-mail address)
  • The parcel recipient’s full address including ZIP/postcode and country of residence (for FedEx, DHL and post delivery)
  • The parcel recipient’s valid telephone contact including the country calling code

We declare that all personal data are considered confidential, shall be used solely for internal needs, shall not be made public, given to a third party or abused in any other way. When handling personal data, we shall abide by the Czech law no. 101/2000 Coll. on personal data protection.

Payment Options

The following online payment gateways are accepted:

  • Global Payments Europe: accepts VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron and Diners Club.
  • PayPal: accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.
  • In our office we accept payments by card: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Visa Electron and Diners Club, JCB and Discover.
  • In our office we also accept cash (Czech crowns or Euros)

To ensure a secure payment, customers are redirected to a 3rd party payment portal. We receive only the result of the transaction. We do not have access to customer’s payment card data and we cannot make any purchase using the card data provided by customers. The payment is identified by the unique order number (Order ID – a 15-digit numeric string). After a successful payment, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the provided email addresses. Passengers should double-check their SPAM (JUNK) folders if they do not have the confirmation. Afterward, they should contact us to ensure the payment went through.

Prices of Train Tickets

  • By purchasing the train tickets through us, customers agree to our prices and further claims cannot be accepted.
  • Czech transport prices do not correspond to the prices indicated on tickets, because they also include other fees (e.g. bank fees, railway fees, administration fees and taxes…).

Delivery methods

Paper tickets must be either collected in our office or delivered. There are no other options, how to obtain paper tickets. Customers can choose between the 4 types of delivery according to their preferences and the time left prior to the train departure.

FedEx or DHL delivery

  • FedEx and DHL are the most common delivery methods. They ensure that the paper tickets are safely delivered to a home/work address or to the reception desk of a hotel/hostel in Europe (if the customer stays there for at least one night).
  • Delivery time: Within Europe the delivery takes usually 1–2 business days, overseas delivery takes usually 2–3 business days. Remote areas can be delivered in more than 3 days.
  • The parcels with the train tickets need to be signed for, in other words, somebody (the customer, a relative, or a receptionist at the hotel) have to accept the tickets on the customer’s behalf. Tickets cannot be left in a mailbox.

The standard delivery follows these steps:

  • a) On the provided address the deliveryman tries to find the addressee or any other person, who can sign for the tickets. If there is nobody at home, the delivery is usually repeated on the next day. If the repeated delivery fails, tickets are stored at the local FedEx/DHL office. The customer is responsible for contacting them to arrange either a pick up at the office or a repeated delivery.
  • b) If the address information is wrong or the parcel is refused by the hotel front desk, the parcel is stored at the local FedEx/DHL office. The customer is responsible for contacting them to arrange either a pick up at the office or a repeated delivery. Any incorrect or incomplete delivery and contact information (e.g. address, e-mail, telephone number, hotel check-in name or date) will most probably result in a failed delivery. Any delivery information corrections and changes done after the tickets are dispatched will be additionally charged (usually €10–20).
  • c) If the customer does not provide correct delivery information to FedEx/DHL or fail to contact them in time, the parcel with the train tickets may be either destroyed by the delivery company or sent back to us. In both cases no refund is issued to the customer.

The parcel with the train tickets is insured and includes a tracking code which is automatically sent to customer‘s e-mail address immediately after the tickets are dispatched. The tracking number enables to follow the parcel progress in real time.

Home address means you must live at this address permanently. Work address means you must work there permanently. Hotel address means you must stay at this hotel/hostel for at least one night and the accommodation must have its own reception desk.

Tickets cannot be sent to P.O. Boxes and APO’s. Also, shipments to any addresses which do not respect rules described in this section (e.g. rented flats or Airbnbs) will most probably not be delivered without any possibility to claim a refund.

In some countries (Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico,…) custom duties are applied to some parcels. The contents of all our envelopes are described as „documents“ for customs purposes. Nevertheless, custom agents still sometimes calculate a customs debt. In such cases, the amount is paid by the recipient, not by Czech Tranport. We recommend choosing another delivery method for all shipments to countries, where such problems might arrise (pick up in Prague, delivery to an European hotel etc.).

Regular Mail (Standard Post) delivery

This option is available only for parcels costing up to € 200 (Europe only).

The envelope is not insured and does not offer any real-time tracking outside of the Czech Republic. Once the tickets are shipped, the customer receives an e-mail with the parcel’s tracking number.

The usual shipping time is 7–14 working days.

By choosing this delivery option, the customer has all the responsibilities in case the post delivery is not successful for whatever reason. If the tickets are not delivered in time or not delivered at all (incorrect address, envelope lost on the way…), Czech-Transport does not bear any responsibility for that and no claims will be accepted.

The Regular Mail (Standard Post) delivery follows these steps:

  • First, we check the ticket value. If it is over €300, we contact the customer. Another delivery method must be chosen and the delivery fee balance must be paid.
  • Once the tickets are printed, they are shipped to the requested address. The customer receives the tracking number by e-mail.
  • Once the parcel is in the destination country, the local postman delivers the envelope to the recipient’s ma­ilbox. In most countries the customer must be at the address at the time of delivery. If there is no one at home, the envelope is stored at the local post office for a period of time (usually 10 days) before the parcel is returned/destroyed.
  • The usual shipping time is 7–14 working days. This shipping time is NOT guaranteed though!
  • If the customer does not receive the parcel within 15 business days, they are obliged to contact the local post office with the tracking number from Czech-Transport.

Courier delivery to Prague hotel/hostel

  • This is the recommended delivery method for customers whose trip starts in Prague and who are staying at least one night in a hotel/hostel with a reception desk.
  • Courier delivery follows these steps: After printing, the tickets are stored in our office until few days before the provided check-in date. Then the courier delivers the tickets to the front desk of the hotel/hostel (usually 1–3 days before the check-in). The receptionist signs for the envelope with the tickets and keeps them stored at the reception for the customer. Customers should ask for the envelope from Czech-Transport after their arrival.
  • Tickets are usually delivered during the late afternoon/eve­ning hours
  • During the booking process, customers are asked for their hotel details (hotel name and address, check-in date and check-in name). They are responsible for giving us complete and correct information.
  • If a customer provides an address without reception desk (apartments, rented flats…), the tickets will most likely not be delivered. The customer is responsible for contacting us with a delivery alternative (office pick-up etc.).
  • Any repeated deliveries caused by the customer not providing correct information will be charged (€5–20).

Collection in our Prague office

  • This is the recommended delivery method for customers whose trips start in Prague and have enough time to visit our office during the opening hours (Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm). The office is closed during weekends. Tickets cannot be picked up at any train station, only in our office in Prague.
  • The Pickup delivery follows these steps: During the booking process the pick-up date is chosen. After the tickets are printed, customers are notified by e-mail. The tickets are stored in our office in an envelope with customer’s name on it. Customers can come to the office anytime during the opening hours on or before the provided pick-up date. The staff will hand over the tickets and explain how to use them. Customers have to sign for the tickets.
  • If tickets are not collected in time, they expire without any possibility to claim a refund.
  • We can change this type of delivery to „Courier delivery to Prague hotel/hostel“, if the customer provides us in time with complete delivery information (the name of the hotel/hostel, its address, the guest's check-in name and the check-in date) and pays €5 delivery fee difference. This charge is €10 instead if the request is made less than 48 hours prior to the train departure.

Delivery and handling charges

  • FedEx, DHL: € 20 – 45 (depending on destination)
  • Regular mail (Standard Post): € 18 (Europe only)
  • Courier delivery: € 15 (only in Prague)
  • Collection from office: € 10 (only in Prague)

Cancellations, Refunds, Exchanges, Claims

Customers may ask us to cancel and refund their train tickets only if the following conditions are met:

  • The train departure date is at least three working days (exception: group tickets: at least 7 working days) ahead of the current date
  • The train tickets are present in our office

Customer may not ask to cancel and refund their train tickets if they:

  • Do not use the train tickets for whatever reason (e .g. missed train, misplaced or stolen tickets)
  • Do not provide us with complete, genuine and undamaged ticket originals in time (see the previous paragraph)

How to proceed

If the tickets are still in the Czech Transport office, it is enough to send a cancellation request with the booking number (Order ID) by email. The tickets will be cancelled and refunded according to this document.

If the tickets are not in the Czech Transport office, the customer must bring or send the tickets back to the office together with the cancellation request. The tickets must arrive at least 3 working days (exception: group tickets 7 working days) prior to the train departure. The tickets will be then cancelled and refunded according to this document.

The office address:
H-TEAM, s.r.o.
K Orionce 1843/8
143 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic

The tickets have to be sent at customer’s expense by traceable/recorded service.

Amount refunded

  • If all conditions stated in this document are met, we provide a refund of 60– 80% of the ticket‘s price (i.e. the cancellation is charged 20–40%) with the exception of GlobalPrice (GP). The cancellation charge for GP is 30–50% (i.e. the refund is 30–50% of the ticket price).
  • Delivery or handling fees are always non-refundable.
  • Seat reservation costs are always non-refundable.
  • The refunded amount depends on many factors (ticket type, time left prior to the departure…)
  • GP ticket returned less than 15 days prior to the train departure is automatically charged 70% (i.e. the refund is 30% of the ticket price).

Refund details

  • All refunds are credited back to the account which was used for the original purchase. Reimbursement takes from 3 to 7 working days.
  • Refunds cannot be processed in cash under any circumstances.
  • Payments made in the Czech transport office: customers have to send us their bank account data to receive the refund.

Pending orders

If the order has not been printed yet and still has a status pending, customers can request a cancellation by e-mail. The cancellation fee is 10% of the total price of the order in such cases.

Passenger detach

One or more passengers can be detached and their train tickets can be cancelled (see the How to proceed section above for details). There are various types of tickets and the amount to be refunded is calculated case-by-case.


Passengers can change the date and time of their travel. The original tickets have to be cancelled first (see the How to proceed section above for details). Afterwards, new tickets can be purchased and sent to the customer again, which means a new delivery fee has to be paid.


If the service is not provided (e.g. the train is cancelled, severely delayed, the accommodation or class is not as ordered), the customer must ask a representative of the railways (a conductor, a train station employee) for a written confirmation about the problem. It can be written on the reverse side of the tickets or on a special form. To receive any refund, the customer must send this written evidence with the ticket originals and the situation description to us (the address is in the How to proceed section above). The tickets should be sent to us immediately, 60 days from the departure date at latest. Other documents will be included to these materials and the claim will be submitted to the railway company. The customer will be informed about the investigation results within 90 days, from the date when the tickets were received.

Further information and requests

Stopping along the way: Most of the time, the train tickets are valid only for a specific date, time and train. Customers, who want to visit a city on the route and then continue on a later train, have to buy separate tickets. Sometimes it is possible to use an earlier or a later train (depending on the route and ticket type). Customers should contact us before the trip.

Seat/cabin/bed/cou­chette Reservation

  • Seat reservation is not obligatory for a majority of day trains, however, it is recommended. Without a booked seat, if the train is full, customers may have to stand the whole trip in the corridor.
  • Seat/cabin/bed reservation is always obligatory on the night trains. Customers travelling only with tickets on a night train would have to buy reservations (subject of availability) from the conductor and pay a fine as well
  • All claims regarding class availability and related issues will not be accepted if tickets are booked without a seat reservation.
  • A seat reservation is always non-refundable. A cabin/bed/cou­chette reservation is partially refundable (see the section Refunds).
  • There is no possibility to choose a particular seat/bed/couchette, however, the system automatically chooses an adjacent seat/bed, if you are buying multiple tickets (a subject of availability).

GlobalPrice (GP) Tickets

  • Unlike usual tickets, GlobalPrice (GP) Tickets are tickets with integrated seat/cabin/cou­chette reservation. They are easily recognized because everything is printed only on a single ticket.
  • GP Tickets are issued for specific routes (Vienna-Venice, Prague-Zurich…)
  • Cancellation of GP Tickets follows specific refund/cancellation policy, see the section Refunds.

Please send any other questions to info@czech-transport.com. Please check also our FAQ before you send an e-mail.


  • An advance reservation of bicycles is either required or recommended.
  • The price includes a bicycle ticket, reservation and booking fee.
  • Bicycle tickets and reservations cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded.
  • Passengers are responsible for loading and overseeing their bicycles on trains. The carrier or Czech transport is not responsible for any damage or loss of bicycles on the train.
  • All passenger names and addresses are required.
  • The bicycle travel document has 2 parts – one is a receipt for the passenger and part has to be attached to the bicycle.

Company Data

Czech-Transport.com is run by H-TEAM, s.r.o. (Ltd.)
Reg. number: 24777315
VAT number: CZ24777315

The company is registered by the Municipal Court of Prague, section C, file No. 173434.