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Trains :: Prague → Budapest :: EC 171 Hungaria
  • Train type: Eurocity
  • Car suitable for wheelchair passengers, equipped with a lift (Praha hl.n.->Budapest-Keleti pu)
  • Restaurant car
  • Seat reservation is available
  • AC 230 V outlet is available (Praha hl.n.->Budapest-Keleti pu)
  • Car or compartments reserved for passengers with children up to 10 years (Praha hl.n.->Budapest-Keleti pu)
  • Extended luggage transport (e.g. bikes) which requires reservation (Praha hl.n.->Budapest-Keleti pu)
  • Section for women (Praha hl.n.->Budapest-Keleti pu)
  • Border crossing [CZ/SK]: Kúty št.hr. 15:05
  • Border crossing [SK/H]: Szob(Gr)
  • Train composition

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Kjetil Jansen - kjetil.jansen - 2009-07-05

Does this train operate with the same schedule on the weekends as well?

Kjetil Jansen - kjetil.jansen(at)no.bp.com - 2009-07-05

Does the above train schedule (EC 171) apply to the weekends as well? For example, could we pick up this train in Dresden at 9:10 on a sunday and get to Prague at 11:18? Thanks, KJ

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-07-26

Kjetil: yes, it operates every day.


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Last update: 2009-12-20